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Concept Exhibitions, a company that is formed to organize exhibitions for kids, with a Meaning...a bring in all the companies/individuals doing unique & credible work on total development of a child, under one roof. Its not just another shopping festival but a platform for all those who are dedicatedly working on enhancing the intellect of our future generation, thru experience.
Unfortunately all that we have seen of kids exhibition so far is a miscellaneous display of materialistic commodities such as, quilts, bottles, cartoon merchandize and sometimes even papads & pickles. We want to bring back the essence an exhibition is suppose to have; the responsibility to deliver information to the visitors packaged with a fun-filled experience.
That's the void Kids Mela™  promises to fill in; hence we call it An Experiential Fest!
Our upcoming KIDS MELA™  2015 - An Experiential Fest is planned at Growel's Mall, Kandivali (E), Mumbai from 11am on 27th Jun 2015 till 9pm on 28th Jun 2015
The Differentiators:
  • Handpicked participants all related to growth & well being of children
  • Each stall has activities to keep the kids entertained and engaged while the parents walk around the exhibition to view the plethora of learning tools displayed.
  • Full-on fun for kids with a huge Fun Zone with exciting and thematic games. 
  • Media plan directed more towards online platform since that's what young India has better access to. We will also be leveraging on Newspaper ads appropriately.
Just as every Kids Mela™ has a cause that it supports, our upcoming event is driving an initiative called 'Joy of Giving', through which we will encourage our visitors to come and donate clothes, toys and foot ware (necessarily in a good condition) from their kid's closet and not just use money to donate the items. We believe that when our children share what they are attached with is when they will really know what it is to share.
Through this event we are supporting two NGOs:
  • Oscar Foundation - The Organisation for Social Change, Awareness and Responsibility (OSCAR) is a not-for-profit organisation which provides high quality football coaching to underprivileged boys and girls in Mumbai and across different areas of India. OSCAR runs a unique programme that not only teaches sport to children & youth but also helps them to understand the value of education.
  • Angel Xpress Foundation - Angel Xpress Foundation works to transform the lives of underprivileged children through regular access to educated adults. They provide a platform for adults to fill the education needs of children through tutoring sessions in English and Math. 
We will be happy to provide any further information required. 


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