Khyber Se Karachi Tak - Food Promotion At Caraway

Khyber Se Karachi Tak - Food Promotion At Caraway


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Khyber Se Karachi Tak - Food Promotion At Caraway.

Chappli Kebab -
Lamb minces round kebab. A specialty of the North west Frontier province.

Seekh Kebab - A long skewer of lamb mince, mixed with herbs, Spices and char grilled.

Shashleek - Boneless chicken morsels marinated with spices from Lahore, Skewered with tomato, bell peppers and grilled on charcoal.

Namak Mandi Ke Peshwari Tikkey - Succulent pieces of lamb, marinated with only rock salt, sprayed With lamb fat and cooked on charcoal grill.

Baluchi Sajji Chicken - Whole spring chicken barbequed around charcoal fire, Cooked slowly on special pine sticks from Kohistan.

Pathey Tikkey - Chunks of lamb liver wrapped in thin layer of fat, marinated with Salt only and barbequed on charcoal.

Khyber Karhai Chicken - Pieces of spring chicken tossed with tomatoes, fresh herbs, Condiments and freshly cooked in karhai.

Namak Mandi Karhai - Lamb meat pieces cooked with salt and green chillies.

Karachi Burns Road Ki Nihari - Rich preparation of selected lamb meat cut invariably, cooked Overnight in spices and lamb yakhani.

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