Khagol Mandal 14 February 2015 Marathi Sky Show at Vangani

Khagol Mandal 14 February 2015 Marathi Sky Show at Vangani


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    14 February 2015

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About The Event

Khagol Mandal announces 4th overnight programme of 29th season at Vangani on 14 February 2015. The program starts at 7.00 pm (IST) in the evening and runs up to 5.00 am (IST) next morning. The general outline of the programme is as follows:

Date: Saturday 14 February 2015

Language of Instructions: MARATHI

VENUE: Khagol Mandal site, Chavan Farm House, Vangani

Entry by Pre-booking only; SPOT booking Rs. 25/- extra

Tentative Schedule:
1900 to 1930 hours: Registration for the programme
1930 to 1945 hours: Introduction of Telescopes
1945 to 2030 hours: First Sky Session
2030 to 2200 hours: Observations through Telescope
2200 to 2300 hours: Dinner Break
2300 to 0100 hours: Interactive Session
0100 to 0130 hours: Tea Break
0130 to 0230 hours: Second Sky Session
0230 to 0430 hours: Observations through Telescope

 These timings are tentative and may vary slightly depending on seasons and sky condition.

Rs. 150 /-per person for Non Members

Rs. 120/-per person for students from 8 to 16 years and members.

Entry Free for kids below 8 yrs.

Dinner will not be provided by organizers. All are requested to carry tiffin.

The charges are for the upkeep of the place and the rents to be paid. Tea given during the programme is complimentary from Khagol Mandal.

The charges are non-refundable, even if the programme does not take place, because of incidental heavy rains or for any other reason beyond our control.

Paraphernalia Required:
You should carry your dinner tiffin, a cup for tea, mattress / chatai for seating on open ground, sweaters, hand gloves, head scarf / muffler, Water bottle, small torch (covered with red cellophane paper).

Please note that we are not able to provide any of the above things at the site.

Location and How to reach:

Khagol Mandal Sky Observation Site
At Chavan Farm House
Next to Vidya Vikas School
Tarangan Marg (Savara Road), Vangani (W)

The observation site is at a walkable distance from Vangani Railway Station (about 10 minutes’ walk), 
which is on Central Railway of Mumbai Suburb. The 4.30 pm train on Karjat route from Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) will take you to Vangani at about 6.00 pm. Vangani is a station next to Badlapur Station.

Train Timings:
CST- Karjat: 1630 (Dep) : 1800 (Arr)
Thane-Karjat: 1749 (Dep) : 1849 (Arr)
All trains going to Karjat and Khopoli stop at Vangani. For train timings refer to

Our volunteers will receive you at the station and take to field by walking. 
The path going towards our site has been named as "Tarangan Marg" by the villagers of Vangani.

Please note that the program ends at 4 am on Sunday morning and there is no return train from Vangani after midnight.

Train Timings for Departure towards Mumbai at Vangani Station:
0403 am, 0459 am, 0517 am, 0544 am, 0614 am.

By Car:
You can come by your own vehicle. We do not provide specific parking space at the farmhouse. 
There is lot of free space around road where you can park your vehicle at your own risk.

For details check:

For further details send mail: 


or call:

Milind: 98696-10777 

Abhay: 902-902-9076



Terms & Conditions

 1) Smoking or Drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited. Any defaulter will be escorted out of the field and will be prohibited from joining the program.

2) This is an educational initiative and not a luxury trip.  All are requested to maintain the spirit of the program and co-operate.

3) Tickets can be cancelled off line by contacting ; Organizer will be able to pay refund in cash only.

4) Rs. 50/- per person cancellation charge will be deducted if the tickets are cancelled till 1200 noon on the day of the program.

5) 50% charges will be deducted after 1200 noon on the day of program till immediate Wednesday evening.

No refunds after the above mentioned tme frame.

6) If due to any unforeseen circumstances like train strike, rain, clouds etc., any other natural disaster or other case the program can be curtailed.  In such event no refunds will be provided.

7) Rain, cloud cover are beyond control of organizer and in such cases one has to wait till the clouds clear.

8) Organizers are not responsible for medical issues arising to individuals on field. The field is open field and we take care to provide comfortable atmosphere. All are requested to carry personal medicines and follow instuctions related to cold and dewing on the site.

9) Khagol Mandal is a voluntary organization working for past 30 yrs. The aim of this group is to create awareness amongst our society members. All organizers, speakers, telescope volunteers are amateur astronomers sparing their time voluntary for the social cause. All participants are requested to take the efforts in proper spirit and co-operate. We can not run a smooth show unless every participant supports us.


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