Keyes High School Reunion 2K15

Keyes High School Reunion 2K15


About The Event

Dear Friends: When was the last time you visited the school to go back into the nostalgia remembering our school days. How can we forget our playground, favorite friends with whom we had fun, the teachers who helped us build strong determination to achieve our dreams.


This is your chance to have the same fun and spend time with your school friends and teachers. Please gear up to join the Keyes Alumni reunion on October 2nd, 2015. Register yourself and share the news to all our Keyes friends to join the event.


It's a request to share is celebration to as many Keyes friends and teachers and make the event a grand success.


For queries please contact: 7207369369, 8106078498

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7207369369, 8106078498, 9396555888

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