Keep. It. Raw. 2015 - Ground Zero Battle

Keep. It. Raw. 2015 - Ground Zero Battle


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    With this tickets viewers can spectate the live event performances. Its a 9 Hour long dancing battle fest, participants can also showcase their dance moves and have QA session with Bboyers. Please make sure you enter the details for the tickets

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About The Event



Get introduced to the Underground hip hop scene of New Delhi & Witness the Dance Battles never seen before on the home turf.


Tandav Crew proudly presents to you the August Edition of Keep.It.Raw - Ground Zero Battle (Championship 2015).

Enjoy the Dance battles by the best bboying crews and individuals of India When they battle to the ultimate prize.

Battle Types:


1 vs 1 Bboy/Bgirl (Cypher 7King) Championship 
1 vs 1 Popping Championship 
Crew vs Crew (4 Members) Championship 


On the Mic - The only MicMaster Aeke

On the Once & Two - Elff Aac 



1. Bboy Shine (Tandav Crew)
2. Bboy Frosties Cristian Frosties (Italy)
3. Bboy Rawdr (Tandav Crew)


Vineet Sharma


Event Highlights

Rap Performance by MicMaster Aeke

Showcase Performances by

Vineet Sharma  

A new kid making noise all over the country with his next level of artistry and passion for the Dance.
He owns the titles:
1. Funk-in India Jam ,Chennai, 2015
1 on 1 Popping battle – 1st place
(Judged by Legendary Popin Pete ( Electric Boogaloos , USA )
2. Switch The Funk UP(STFU) , Vol 2, 2015 ,New Delhi ,Solo Popping Battle- 1st place
( Judged by Hoan, Winners Crew, Korea )
Solo Popping Battle – 1st place
{Judged by World Famous Bboy Storm( Germany) and Bboy Flexum ( U.S.A) ( India’s one of the best Hiphop Jam)
4. Get Together Jam 2014,New Delhi,
Solo Popping championship – 1st place
(Judged By Salah, France)
5. Delhi Funk Circle 6 , 2015 , New Delhi
Solo Popping Battle – 1st place

Bboy Shine (Tandav Crew)

He owns title in his pocket:
1. JECRC crew champions 2010 – 1st place
2. JECRC crew champions 2011 – 1st place
3. Crankdat crew champion 2011 – 2nd place
4. Crankdat the heat crew champion 2012 – 2nd place
Judged :
1. From the roots vol. 1
2. Keep.It.Raw 2011 vol. 5

 Bboy Frosties Cristian Frosties (Italy)

Frosties has started breaking in 2005 in Italy and since 2012 he lives in the Netherlands.
He has been competing in many countries around the World, from all over Europe, to Canada and South Korea. Recently he started to deepen his research, both in dance, joining the experimental movements and in the breaking community, investigating the power of Hip Hop in different cultural contexts.
Among his titles :
1. Frosties won national competitions who brought him to the Prestigious Stages of Chelles Battle Pro (2010)
2. Hip Hop Connection (2011)
3. Pepsi Circle Industry (2011).
Frosties has co-founded Sons of War crew (2010-2013) and since 2013 he is a member of the 17 years-old Head2Toe crew, with top all-style dancers from Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Bboy Rawdr (Tandav Crew)

National –
1. Redbull BC ONE India cypher in Top 11 Bboys (Solo) 2015
2. Celestial Cypher Hyderabad in Top 4 (Solo) 2014
3. Fancy street Style anniversary Shillong 7 “2” Smoke (Solo) 2014 – 2nd Place
4. Chakravyuh Battle crew championship New Delhi 2015 – 1st place
State –
1. MAIT Crew Championship New Delhi 2015 – 1st place
2. Fusion of breaking New Delhi (Solo) 2014 – 1st place
3. Flava in Soul Jalandhar (Solo) 2013 – 1st place
4. Chakries jam Cypher King (Solo) 2013 – 1st place
Judged –
1. JECRC Renaissance STEP UP 2013 & 2014
2. Blasters Bboy Championship 2014 Jalandhar
3. Del For Pol – New Delhi 2014
5. Most Funk Crew anniversary 2015 Ludhiana
6. Adidas Original SRCC New Delhi 2013
7. Adidas Original Amity New Delhi 2013





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