Book Online Tickets for  Karmik Healing Workshop , Bengaluru. Karmic Healing - Workshop by N Rajesh Kumar Clearing past-life blocks to present-day love, happiness, joy & abundance!We are pleased to invite you to join the 2 day Karmic Healing workshop. This event will be held at Ashmayu Yoga & Welln

Karmik Healing Workshop


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About The Event

Karmic Healing - Workshop by N Rajesh Kumar 

Clearing past-life blocks to present-day love, happiness, joy & abundance!

We are pleased to invite you to join the 2 day Karmic Healing workshop. This event will be held at Ashmayu Yoga & Wellness on 24th & 25th September, from 09:00 am to 05:30 pm. 

Karma is the sum of our actions in this and previous states of existence, which determines or influences our fate in present and future existences. So how does one free himself from the chains of repeating patterns, rigid mindset and emotional beliefs. 

Karmic Healing is the key to release all the accumulated and unwanted karmic baggage of past experiences, grief & pain caused because of lack of love. Love gives us the courage to forgive and let go. Karma healing is a divine method which will help us prepare our mind & body to receive divine grace & love & karma healing frequencies directly from the Supreme light/being. 

In this workshop, the participants will also be initiated to raise their vibrational frequencies to the Higher Self and allow the healing energies of the masters, gods/goddesses & spirit guides to flow through them. This initiation and effective meditation techniques will create a channel for healing and help You reconnect with the Higher Self / Mind and clear all karma or completely free yourself from the past actions and its consequences. Establishing this union with the Divine will help us immerse in divine grace and love and allows our mind, body & soul to be in balance and tuned to what we really need. It blesses us with constant guidance from our spirit guides. 

This is done by scanning the body and soul to understand the karmic energies in the subtle body often reflected in the chakras, aura energies, lower & higher mind. We will learn the theory of Karma and its effect on subtle energies and then learn to release these energies by addressing the root cause of the problems. Problems could be anything as negative karma can manifest as diseases, mental illness, emotional issues that affect our day to day behaviour, our relationships, financial problems or work related issues, and similar problems that create unpleasant situations and keep recurring. 

This awareness and healing will help us activate the higher chakras, increase our vibrations and maintain a positive aura. These together help us build a higher sense of intuition & wisdom, connect with the inner guide, help in self-healing and transform our life for the better. All this helps us create a strong base for Karma healing. We will learn various effective methods to release the karma, learn to heal ourselves and others and also learn to practice distance healing for others. 

The Karmic Healing workshop will be conducted by Mr. N. Rajesh Kumar, a M.A. in Psychology, qualified teacher of transcendental meditation & TM Siddhi Program. He is also a Reiki Master & works on spiritual healing, magnified healing, past life healing and light body activations. 

Please join us to experience powerful healing of mind, body & soul which helps in living a fuller life in accordance with the Divine plan. Deep healing of the root causes helps us get rid of the past baggage and create positive karma. Everyone can benefit from this as it helps us in all aspects of our lives, personal and professional.

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