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About The Event

 You will be first taken through the ‘Karma Unravelling’ exercise which will enable you to cut chords and narrow it to the source after which you will undergo the ‘Karmic Release Process’.

You will be able to 
*Resolve your Karmic Patterns
*Think & Function Clearly
*Change your Lifestyle
*Become Healthier
*Become Calmer & Happier
*Become more Productive & Successful

Dissolve Human Reality, enter Cosmic Consciousness. There are no divisions. Just Being One, Being in All

The rules of Kali Yuga are different; Distinct new methods are in force now and this was unveiled to Shriram Chakravarti as he attained enlightenment. 

In this time of transition there is an opportunity like never before to ascend to a higher realm and transcend the suffering of humanity. 

Living an Enlightened life is no longer a secret. Come learn from the one who has returned to liberate.

Give yourself this chance, to let go, to be free
Liberation starts at 7500/-

Call +91 83 6928 7291 for more details.



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