Karma In Your DNA

Karma In Your DNA


  • Karma Completion

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About The Event

Our Karma is the sum total of all the desires and resistances that we have, and many of these desires and resistances are inherited by us from our ancestors whose energy imprints we carry and share in our family lineage. Our ancestral karma might have specific patterns which can be centered on anything from depression, failure, feeling of abandonment, grief, issues around sexuality, children, money etc. Also we share a collective karma of belonging to our race and culture or being part of a historic event like war, natural calamity etc. which does not affect us apparently however it has a very deep impact upon the way we perceive ourselves and what we expect from our life. When negative aspects of such collective karma are released we not only gain freedom for ourselves, we also help the collective consciousness to be healed.

We are connected to our ancestors through the strings of space and time, and if we understand the quantum nature of the universe we can comprehend that it is not impossible to travel back and release ancestral blocks to create a positive effect on our present life situation. We also carry our ancestral patterns or family patterns in our cellular structure which makes us unconsciously attract certain events and phenomenon again and again. It needs a careful evaluation and a thoughtful approach to overcome these ancestral patterns. By working on your ancestral karma, you not only resolve your own repetitive problems, rather you also help your future generations as they become free from these imprints due to your efforts.

You are always that important link between past and future and thus working on your ancestral patterns can be the biggest gift you can offer to your family lineage. Karma Completion will guide you on this journey to unwind ancestral fixations from your bodymind.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How with enough Repetition, Conditioning Becomes Hereditary
  • Ancestral Karma versus Personal Karma
  • The Biology of Belief & Spontaneous Evolution
  • Evaluation of ancestral issues or negative family patterns
  • How to release your Parental Conditioning
  • How to release your Ancestral Fixations that are affecting you

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