Book Online Tickets for Mad Scientist  Hoppit-Exclusive-Freedom , Pune. Exclusive-After Party-Freedom Blast Mad Scientist & Hoppit Live-1st Time in Pune!Here is the Presale Tickets Info>>>>1st 50 Tickets-500 INRLast Slot-700INROnly 100 Tickets Available Online Link to Buy Tickets-Plz refer event page!!❂â

Mad Scientist Hoppit-Exclusive-Freedom Blast-After Party-F Beach House,23rd August-Sunday


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About The Event

Exclusive-After Party-Freedom Blast 
Mad Scientist & Hoppit Live-1st Time in Pune!
Here is the Presale Tickets Info>>>>
1st 50 Tickets-500 INR
Last Slot-700INR
Only 100 Tickets Available 
Online Link to Buy Tickets-Plz refer event page!!


is the project created by Miguel Angelo Rijo born in 1989, Madeira, Portugal.
The love for psychedelic music started around 2003 when for the first time in his life, he heard a psychedelic track. 
Something in that one awoke him to something beyond the natural.
He started exploring this new world, leading him to go to trance partys! His taste for the psychedelic scene started growing day by day, until 2008 when his hip-hop producer friend, shared a music production software with him! Heretofore, his enthusiasm and passion is still growing!
Decided to start learning more about music production, he spent almost 4 years in his secret laboratory investing the time and soul on music production knowledge and development.
In 2012 he began to feel ready to give the first steps, and with some help he started playing at partys and sharing his music with the world!
He put a lot of him in his music, inspired by science, movies, cartoons, LSD, sci-fi, life, chemistry, space stuff, love, family, nature, future, organic, retro,...
Mad Scientist music is a combination of elements and crazy ideias in a purpose to create a smile in your soul and energy in your body!



Mad Scientist - Space Monkey 172
V.A Binary Code comp, by Metaform Electricmoon rec.
Mad Scientist - Lysergic Technology 177
V.A Synapses Renovation comp, by Darkruss Electricmoon rec.
MasScientist - Made in China 180
V.A Perfect Timing comp. by Victor Enteogeno


HillTop Records

HOPPIT is a Psychedelic Trance project initiated by Moe Dahbour. He hails from the beautiful country, Jordan. Born in the year 1987, This young and energetic DJ has been achieving great strides. During his teens , hitting his "rebellious" phase, He started following Heavy Metal and Psychedelic Rock music which totally inspired him. He was then introduced to Electronic Music like DnB through a friend. Already inspired, Moe was also surrounded by amazing musicians who boosted his spirit even more.He at an early stage in DJ's scene took a different path, first cutting his teeth in the world of drum n bass and various other genres, before finding himself at the heart of the fledging Psychedelic scene. He collaborated different genres of Electronic music, beginning with House, Trance, Dubstep and the list goes on. It was mainly a hobby for him until the year 2008 where he was asked to play at a small club. This was it, He knew what he wanted to do in his life and He never looked back. A whole new phase in his life, He was awe-struck by The Holy Psychedelic, The Magical Tunes .That whole experience inspired him so much, he began his journey into 'Psychedelic Music'. He was influenced by a lot of eminent DJ's , such as parasense and psymmetrix whiptongue and many more. He then revived the Underground Music scene in Jordan, he was a part of the Psychedelica Trip Family. He then developed his fan following, which kept increasing day after day. He then started playing at various Psychedelic festivals in different countries. He has played at Lebanon, Turkey and India. In the year 2011, He started his production of music.
He started mixing various genres of Psychedelic Trance. He started experimenting with Full-on and Night Full-on, He was aware of all the accurate details needed while mixing these genres. His love for music is what keeps him going. Whenever he plays at a club, He for sure plays with all his heart and soul. It’s not often that talent comes rising through the ranks fully formed, undiluted, and with as much potential as Moe.
His energy is simply unbelievable, He pushes the type of unrestrained fun that wobbles, bounces and thumps around a dance floor all night long. Proven by his gigs he's played at, he can lead a dance floor into perfection.
When he starts the set, there is an energy on the dance floor that never ceases to amaze the crowd. His ability to mix is simply amazing!
He's one artist to look out for. A very humble person,with a whole load of love for music. To put it in a simple manner, He's all about making people happy with his music

Music link-
Has been in the psychedelic scene from 2009 as he was vry much influnced by the spirituality of this genre, the aim of the sets he plays is to enlighten ppl to their spritual side ... Trippy groovy basslines , hypnotic grooves, Dark Soundscapes, Forest sounds nd hard hitting leads is how u can explain Project Psybaba.. He has Shared the stage with famous international artists like KINDZADZA BOMBAX, LAB RATS . Fungus Funk PSYMMETRIX , SAMADHI , DIRTY SAFFI ,ELECTRIC UNIVERSE , HARMONIC REBEL , ISOCHRONIC , STRANGER , GLOSOLALIA , CRAZY BRAIN , NIKI ( MIGHTY QUINN RECS ) , SUNTRIBE, DJ NUKY & more. He has started producing his own sounds. Project psybaba also consist of dj sets (psychedelic , forest , darkpsy , hitech) 

SpaceCadet is the project of Vir Rattan Chowdhry & Siddhant Jain. This music is more towards the underground aspect of things as we love to experiment in styles in terms of production and live performance. We play sounds which our extremely groovy,spacey and atmospheric in nature. The ideal soundtrack for a space out session.Taking inspiration from various underground styles of music (IDM,Techno, Electronica) and churning out a perception that would only mellow the mind... with a little rhythm of course. Bringing in an experimental feel, the idea is to create stories through groovy and atmospheric elements. We have played in some of the best venues in Pune & Delhi such as High Spirits,Euriska,Summer House Cafe,Barsoom,The Projekt & The Zoo .


knapsacks be handed over to security for storage.

We reserve the right to refuse service/entry if we deem a guest’s behavior to be offensive in any way to other guests or staff members.

-Guests will be subject to security searches on entry.

-If a guest appears intoxicated, we reserve the right not to serve them alcoholic beverages and to escort them off the premises.



Please Use Dedicated Smoking Zone Inside The Club

-The club and its external areas are Drug Free Zones.

-We request you to refrain from flash photography in the club out of respect for the artists performing and your fellow diners.


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