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Karma Digital & Club Westend Presents>>>>>>Psykovsky Live-11 Hours Set!!PSYKOVSKY (Osom Records/RU) Act-Psykovsk

Karma Digital and Club Westend Presents Psykovsky Live-11 Hours Set


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About The Event

Karma Digital & Club Westend Presents>>>>>>
Psykovsky Live-11 Hours Set!!

PSYKOVSKY (Osom Records/RU)

Opening Act-Psykovsky
Closing Act-Psykovsky

Psykovsky aka Vasily Markelov a maverick Russian dark-psytrance producer and Moscow DJ from Russia. Signed to Vertigo Records. His debut album released in 2005. Together with Kindzadza he is the dj-duo Osom. They also created the label Osom-music together. The genre of music varies as beats per minute lift up from 145 to 200. Innovative but still traditional, the story is to suit different tastes giving a detailed retrospective of the unique Psykovsky style. The concept is deep psychedelia, often away from forms. His taste impecable, pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration. 

In his latest albums he has made it clear that he can turn every sound or harmonie into an entire spectrum of psychedelic layers upon layers upon layers of dark-goa. As he evolves his skills in time, his music becomes more experimental and deeply psychedelic than anyone has ever been able to create out of thin air. 

I think it’s enough just to say that he is a crazy bad ass mother fucking psyko genius who is gonna blow your tiny little mind…


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We reserve the right to refuse service/entry if we deem a guest’s behavior to be offensive in any way to other guests or staff members.

-Guests will be subject to security searches on entry.

-If a guest appears intoxicated, we reserve the right not to serve them alcoholic beverages and to escort them off the premises.



Please Use Dedicated Smoking Zone Inside The Club

-The club and its external areas are Drug Free Zones.

-We request you to refrain from flash photography in the club out of respect for the artists performing and your fellow diners.


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