Karadaiyan Nombu Special Rituals

Karadaiyan Nombu Special Rituals


  • Karadaiyan Nombu Special Rituals

    Karadaiyan Nombu Special Rituals Provides Opportunity For Deriving Plenty of Opulence.

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About The Event

Karadaiyan Nombu: An Opportunity For Deriving Plenty of Opulence Of Varying Types

Shodasa Mahalakshmi Homam

Stay Blessed With 16 Types Of ‘Aishwaryam’

Let Bountiful Wealth Overflow & Keep Financial Setbacks Away

Scheduled Live on March 14, 2018 @ 5 AM IST

Karadaiyan Nombu

Karadaiyan Nombu is mainly a festival of fasting especially by married women who pray for the long life of their spouse. This festival celebrates the glory of a woman who is the role model for posterity. The day falls on Meena Shankranti when the Sun moves from one constellation (Kumbha) to the other (Meena). This year it falls on March 14, 2018. When a married woman observes fasting on the day, she ensures the long life, good health and welfare of her husband. Goddess Parvathi in the form of Gowri is propitiated on the day by offering special steamed patties called Karadai and that’s how the day got its name.

Karadaiyan Nombu Special Rituals

  • Shodasa Mahalakshmi Homam
  • Sri Sukhta Homam
  • Gowri Puja
  • Mahalakshmi Yantra Puja
  • Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple Puja
  • Energised Lakshmi Statue

Shodasa Mahalakshmi Worship On Karadaiyan Nombu Grants 16 Types Of ‘Aishwaryam’

Shodasa means 16 and each of the forms grant fame, knowledge, courage, strength, victory, good children, valour, gold, food grains, happiness, intelligence, bliss, beauty, high achievements, greater thinking and knowledge, morality and ethics, good health and long life. Goddess Mahalakshmi can be easily pleased and all her forms grants wealth both material and spiritual on the day of Karadaiyan Nombu.

Sri Sukhta Homam

This is a very powerful yagya performed for attracting wealth and prosperity. It’s a boon for those facing financial crunches and desperately seeking wealth.

Gowri Puja

The puja, dedicated to Goddess Gauri, a form of Parvathi. The puja keeps women Sumangali (happily married) and Soubhagyavati (having all fortunes in life) which means that they will stay free from the curse of widowhood. It also ensures a good progeny to the devotee.

Mahalakshmi Yantra Puja

The Mahalakshmi yantra is very auspicious and has high potential. Possessing this divine device opens opportunities for wealth, success and fame. If one worships the yantra with sincerity and purity of heart and soul, then it offers vast supply of worldly treasures.

Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple Puja

The Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple is one of the 108 Shakthi Peethas of Goddess Shakthi. The goddess fulfills all desires and also grants salvation.

Energised Lakshmi Statue

The energised statue of Goddess Lakshmi, also the Goddess of Wealth, grants you fortune, wealth, beauty, fertility and auspiciousness etc.



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