Kandy Valley Festival 13

Kandy Valley Festival 13


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About The Event


Indias first of its kind festival for kids and young adults to learn the basics of "Money" through fun filled and intense events like Quizzes, Film Making and Hands -On Business events.


What is Kandy Valley all about ? 
kandyvalley.com, a CSR initiative of Investor Shoppe is a FREE online site educating, enabling and empowering kids and young adults to understand money, the fun way. We, as a team will continuously strive to make it as exciting as possible to these kids to be able to learn about money much earlier than they would ideally have.


  • Its fun all the way.
  • You want to learn about money.
  • You want to learn about setting up your business
  • It's boring to watch TV or play computer games all day
  • You could win prizes
  • And even make some money
  • You want to save money to study in the best university abroad or to buy your Harley Davidson & want to know how
  • You want to surprise your parents for their anniversary
  • You want to pursue your passion and need to know what you are best at
  • You have to start somewhere






Aisa Hai Paisa

We all love watching movies. Here is chance to become a part of a movie – your own production! Kandy Valley has organized a short film competition where you make your own movie and pitch it in competition with other budding film makers.

Your movie will be showcased at the Kandy Valley fest. Each entry will be evaluated by a qualified team at Kotak Mutual Fund. It will also be aired on our YouTube channel where your friends and fans can see it and vote for you. Film making involves many skills including production, direction, scripting, acting, make-up....while you may be talented in one area, you may have friends, neighbors and relatives who are talented in others. Teams of 4-20 people can be formed to make your masterpiece. Incase you do not wish to form your own team, you also join hands with others who have enrolled to form super talented teams. You are free to join as many teams as you like and make and submit as many movies as you want. This is your chance to exhibit your talents and learn a lot in the process. While we are not asking you for a professional camera or props and setting, we do ask you to use your imagination and come up with an innovative and original movie, We warn you, film making requires creativity and hard work. So if you feel you are upto the challenge, then join in the fun. The movie making will not just give the participants a chance to learn about money and movie making skills, it also builds on some vital life skills. Learning and innovation skills prepare young people for increasingly complex, life and work environments and give them an edge in today’s extremely competitive world. The skills they will develop include:

• Creativity and Innovation
• Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
• Communication
• Collaboration



Theme for the film
The theme for the short film asks you the question “Kaisa Hai Paisa” and the movie must bring out an answer which says “Aisa Hai Paisa”. The movie should revolve around a perspective on money – what money means to different people or about different aspects of money. The movie could also be about the mechanics or working of money.

To get your creative juices flowing, some of the topics one can produce are
• The value of pocket money
• Why should I invest my money?
• Our generation – What we understand about money
• Budgeting – Isn’t it something the government does?
• Savings – how much should I save
• Borrowing- the good and bad of borrowing
• Spending – needs no explanation here
• Banking- vital to our lives

This is certainly not an exhaustive list but just a starting point for your mind to get ticking. The aim is create a film which is as creative as possible with limited recourses and a limited budget. All you need is an idea developed into a script and then brought to life by a video camera.
So Lights! Camera! Action!

Chai Samosa Aur Bharosa

Love food? Here is a unique chance to run a restaurant of your dreams for a day! Learn all about what goes into setting up and running a restaurant. From sourcing of food to serving it. From pricing it right to turning a profit. Participate in the Chai, Samosa aur Bharosa food festival, set up a restaurant of your own and competing against other youngsters set up restaurants. Learn the basics of the hospitality industry and understand terms like sourcing, pricing, the topline and the bottomline. Whats more, have a blast doing it. Running a restaurant will not just give the participants a chance to learn about the food business, it also builds on some vital life skills. Learning and innovation skills prepare young people for increasingly complex, life and work environments and give them an edge in today’s extremely competitive world. food
The skills they will develop include:

• Creativity and Innovation,
• Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
• Communication
• Collaboration

Get cracking and make your teams. Only the first 20 teams will be accepted. The team must comprise of upto 20 people between the age groups of 11 upto graduation i.e. they must be students. The team must comprise of 5 catering students. The rest of the preferred composition of the team is 5 management students, 5 school students and 5 college students from any stream of education.

Remember the competition is not just about great food but running a successful profitable restaurant. Besides food quality and taste you will be judged on sales profitability etc. We expect you to keep accurate records and accounts of all transactions, incomes and expenses.




Kitab Se Hisab Tak

Knowledge is the foundation of success. While reading a book does give you the knowledge, the real challenge is testing it against others. Kitab Se HisabTak is the perfect platform to prove your mettle and win awesome prizes. Quizzing is an activity of the mind that will create new ideas, new thinking and thinking in a lateral manner.

This competition gives the foundational skills of financial literacy, to enable Generation Next to enter the adult world armed with the necessary life skills. What gives one the edge in the competitive world is the 4Cs – Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration.Kitab Se HisabTak is great opportunity to learn and hone those skills.

The Knowledge Partners for the competition is Franklin Templeton who will design and curate the competition.

The completion will have three exciting rounds. The first round will be an online quiz. This will be followed by an initial elimination team round. The grand finale round will decide the winners.

Are you ready to activate your mind and check your finance quotient?



Theme for the competition
Money and all that matters with money, is the theme of the competition. The questions will swing from stock markets to banking to everything else that involves money. So brush up your financial concepts. We promise you will have fun.

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