Certified Kanban Methodologist

Certified Kanban Methodologist


  • Certified Kanban Methodologist

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About The Event

Key Promises of this training 

To understand the benefits of the cohesion between process and human aspects to better theorganization through the application of systems thinking.
To understand the benefits of continuous flow, adaptability, and focus on quality
To know the properties and structure of a Kanban system


Kanban systems
Visualize workflow
Limit work in progress
Value Stream Mapping
Kanban System
Implementing Kanban on your organization
Managing the project with Kanban
Kanban in action


Programme and Course Overview


Kanban is an amazing method to effectively bring continuous improvement to your organization. This is accomplished through a highly enjoyable way to visualize your process, disclosure of opportunities for improvement, and effective ways to do root cause analysis. Even better, Kanban does not require you to abandon your current process, thus significantly reducing risk and adoption costs. You can even apply it to your current agile processes!

Who should attend? This course is very useful for an upper and middle management to technical leadership and staff. This is because Kanban is equally effective being applied at all levels of the organization (not only at the lowest or middle management level). It is equally applicable on technical, administrative, scientific, and virtually any area of the organization.

What materials will I receive? Course notes.

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