Kanak Delhi Art Theatre presents Meera Kant\'s \

Kanak Delhi Art Theatre presents Meera Kant\'s \"Bhuvaneshwar Dar Bhuvaneshwar\" Hindi Play


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Kanak Delhi Art Theatre presents Meera Kant’s “Bhuvaneshwar Dar Bhuvaneshwar” Hindi Play. 

Bhuvaneshwar Dar Bhuvaneshwar the scattered threads of the life and works of Bhuvaneshwar Prasad, the father of modern Hindi one-act plays, form the wefts and warps of the play, Bhuvaneshwar Dar Bhuvaneshwar. Bhuvaneshwar was undoubtedly a superb playwright.  Through this play Meera Kant has put an effort to transcend the time-warp and bring to the stage the eternal Bhuvaneshwarisms.
It is indeed the misfortune of Hindi literature that geniuses beyond compare, like Bhuvaneshwar, were not spotted well in advance, the resultant evil beclouding the literature and litterateur alike. This play is no chronograph of Bhuvaneshwar’s life and times. It consists of those bends and markers of his life, traversing which the boy-wonder Bhuvaneshwar became the batty Bhuvaneshwar. This play is also an effort to highlight how antipathy and antagonism can switch de talent extraordinaire into the bizarre, the baroque. How solitude embitters a sensitive creature and consigns him to the fringes of literature, and, at the end of the day, turns him into a literary slime ball.

Being Bhuvaneshwar has now become a scourge passed down over generations. To maintain the flow, the continuity, the third decade of the last century has been interwoven with the present day. The past and the present dovetail into each other to maintain the temporal continuum and the perpetuity of proclivities joining Bhuvaneshwar’s past with the future of the countless Bhuvaneshwars yet to come.

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