Kaleidoscope 2015

Kaleidoscope 2015


About The Event

What’s Kaleidoscope all about?
The song says, “Kaleidoscope since 1985”. We’ve been around for twenty- seven years, and the talent, the chaos, the sheer joy if it just keeps growing.

Kaleidoscope is among the biggest inter- collegiate festivals in the city of Mumbai. It’s also one of the most loved. You’d realize why, if you peek behind the scenes and notice the months of ideation, of chaotic planning, of sheer hard work and utter dedication that goes into it. The campus- particularly the Den, our place of respite, of inspiration, the nerve- centre and the, well, Den- becomes an out- and- out madhouse during the months 
preceding the great K.



How it started
Years ago, we started an intra- college event, with literary, artistic and cultural contests limited to the girls on campus (yes, there are only girls on campus. Get used to it). Then at one point, it became a college fete, with game- stalls and food- stalls. In 1985, we merged the two, called it Kaleidoscope, and threw open our gates to the city. More talent came in, and grew, through the challenges put before them each year.



Irresistible challenges and fun!
The challenges themselves grew, too. Kaleidoscope- or K’scope, as any regular would call it today- has established a reputation for creating events that push participants to their utmost, while ensuring that they have the time of their lives. There is electricity, at K’scope, created by the participants, the audience and the organizers alike. It keeps you coming back for more. Which is why, when given a chance in Kaleidoscope 2010, ex-students across colleges came back to be a part of it all, one more time.



One-of-a- kind events
Some of the more popular events at Kaleidoscope are JAM (Just a Minute), which sees master wordsters battle it out through the most twisted of rules, Dus Ka Tees, featuring wit, humour and on-stage antics fit to beat those royal jesters of old; and, of course, Electrocuted, the band event synonymous with sheer euphoria. This is where the best in the city (and beyond) come to showcase their talent. In the end, that’s what Kaleidoscope is about. It’s about the talent, the energy and the passion. It’s about you.

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