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About The Event

Kalaripayattu is an ancient martial art form with its roots in the state of Kerala. Kalaripayattu draws its inspiration from the raw power, majestic strength and instinctive fighting techniques of myriad of animals like the lion, the tiger, the elephant, the wild boar, etc Kalaripayattu is an age-old physical-cum-martial art of Kerala. There is no other ancient martial practice in our country to compete with its training system and application techniques, compiled by the Great Gurus or Masters of the land. Kalaripayattu is a rare combination of martial training, physical culture, self- defense practice and physio-therapeutic treatment. It has a high reputation as an art with highly developed body language and expression.

Through this exclusive self defense training program for women we will teach Southern style Kalaripayattu which is known for its simple & practical techniques which are based on pressure points (Marmas).


A Kalaripayattu trainee who masters the basic postures goes on to body toning exercises.

The practice of these exercises leads to maximum agility, suppleness, the ability to twist or turn the body in every conceivable manner, and to the ability to suddenly leap in the air with ease. These exercises enable the Trainee to save himself/herself from unexpected assaults, and to outwit and eventually defeat the opponent, even if the opponent is armed.

Soulkshetra offers Kalari Self Defense Practical Workshop is designed to make you physically, mentally  prepared for any situation, that  may occur in everyday life.

We welcome you to come and make use of this opportunity. 


 At Soulskhetra Wellness Clinic

 #265, 2nd Floor, A Block, AECS Layout Main Road,

 Above Ganesh Bhavan, Brookefield - 560037

 Workshop Date: July 1st & 2nd (Saturdays & Sundays)

Kalarippayattu is considered as the most comprehensive of all the martial art forms because of the following reasons:

Kalari is an excellent system of physical training.

Efficient self defense techniques - both armed and unarmed.

A great system of vital pressure points based system of fighting and treatment.

A comprehensive guide to attain flexibility and desired physical and mental strength

Advantages gained through Kalarippayatu Workshop

  • Improves aver all health and muscle functions.
  • Strengthen muscles and promote its flexibility.
  • Improves self confidence and mental agility.
  • Helps to augment body balance and physical fitness.
  • Improves the sportiveness.
  • Helps to achieve self reliance.

 For More Details Please Do Visit Our Website :- www.soulkshetra.in | Call : 8880 336 633






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