Kal College Band Rahega - Play At Epicentre

Kal College Band Rahega - Play At Epicentre


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Kal College Band Rahega

Director: Ravi Taneja, Writer: Dr. C. D. Sidhu, Production: Collegiate Drama Society

The play is a comic satire on the sad state of affairs of our universities these days which exposes a rather abominable picture of some of the ugliest faces of this noble profession which leads to unrest in the students. The plot is very engrossing in which a meeting is being held in the college for the prosecution of a student by a board of teachers and principal. The student is accused of calling a female student in his room at the boy’s hostel. The meeting exposes the irresponsible behavior of the teachers towards students wherein the teachers are largely engrossed with their gossips and interests rather than discussing about the student in question.

Suitable for 15 yrs and above.

Tickets at Rs. 350, Rs. 250 & Rs. 150 available at the venue

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