Kahaani Festival

Kahaani Festival


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The Kahaani Festival aims to enchant and empower audiences as we explore a multitude of narratives from India and around the world! Become a part of the creative process that evolves when story tellers animate their beliefs, dreams and imagination alongside listeners of all ages. Stories will be told through puppetry, poetry, music, written and oral traditions of all kinds.

Personal stories will be explored and shared through festival workshops! An opportunity for expression, children find their voice! Audiences are given the opportunity to create and share their story and explore the tools of story-telling; narration, writing, animation and traditional forms of illustration.

The Kahaani Festival is a free festival and welcomes one and all !!

KAHAANI reaches out!!

Every child deserves the joy of telling tales and listening to them.
Every child has a story where each day adds new twists and turns and the plot only gets better when there are others to share it with!

The KAHAANI Festival Outreach will take the magic of narratives, the joy of telling stories to new places. In many languages, many forms, exploring old traditions and making new ones...We will take the festival to places that remain hidden from the public gaze but are rich with experience and where the KAHAANIi Festival may well evolve newer narratives. The Outreach will touch children who rarely get the chance to share the delight of storytelling. We will take it to schools, remedial and special education centers and hospital wards before and after the main festival.


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