Jxtapose 0.0 : The Big Bang :: PLANT by DESIGN : A talk by Tejaswi from PLANT DECK

Jxtapose 0.0 : The Big Bang :: PLANT by DESIGN : A talk by Tejaswi from PLANT DECK


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About The Event

Tejaswi is a Marketing and Management professional with a background in Microbiology and Genetics. She started Plant Deck a year ago along with her husband and co-founder Rishikesh Chhabra, scaling up the venture from just an idea to a business with a team of 10. It caters to a mix of clients ranging from individuals, homes and corporates to restaurants and real-estate firms.

Plant Deck focuses on improving the quality of life through the simple act of adding green into living spaces. They believe in making the process of buying plants and planters as painless as possible by providing maximum value to their clients, and at the same time turning cities into green oases.

Plant Deck has a unique and wide range of planters. They have more than a 100 designs and keep innovating new designs to match specific interiors. Terracotta, Black Terracotta and Jaipur Blue pottery are pottery sourced directly from the artisans from across the country. They are already supporting such artisan families and believe in bringing back the age-old art and tradition which is currently lost under the mountains of plastic. 

This Saturday, the 22nd of April at 6:30 pm, be a part of Jxtapose 0.0: The Big Bang :: Plant by Design, and meet the very interesting team of Plant Deck. Plant Deck's major goal is to add green to living spaces and “Turn this concrete city jungle into a green paradise. Reduce pollution. And save the planet.” Come listen to PlantDeck talk about their story and see how they're changing the world with their art and green!



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