Jxtapose 0.0 : The Big Bang :: Fractals 18.0 : Flexure

Jxtapose 0.0 : The Big Bang :: Fractals 18.0 : Flexure


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About The Event

About the Fractals Workshop :-  

The Fractals Workshop is a generative design workshop that combines logic, geometry, natural systems and structure. This workshop is an adaptation of the teaching methods practised at the Design Research Lab at the AA School of Architecture in London.
Fractals is a hands-on workshop, building upon the design research carried out inprevious iterations. Since 2011, the Fractals Workshop has been to Hyderabad, Chennai, Vellore, Roorkee, Surat, Sharjah, Dubai and Bahrain.
Participants work in teams to aggregate readily available, recyclable material based on algorithms they develop themselves. The focus is on connections and rules of growth at the single-unit level. The result is a variety of forms from one single unit. Participants understand the concept of evolution in that one small change or rule at the basic unitary level impacts the resultant system. The rules become a manual to be followed to create larger aggregations and can be used in the future to replicate the system again. The workshop encourages teamwork, design thinking, 3D thinking and logic. The weekend-long design research will culminate in a public exhibition of the work.
To know more about the workshop check out their facebook page - Fractals Workshop by DesignAware.
About Takbir Fatima :-

Takbir Fatima is an architect, and director of the international award-winning experimental architecture and interdisciplinary design firm, DesignAware, and the Fractals Workshop. She is passionate about design research, digital prototyping, teaching and figuring out how things are made, and aims to balance teaching, research and practice. The studio focuses on process-oriented design, and their projects range from lighting to furniture, interior design to renovation, and residential, commercial and institutional architecture, as well as socially relevant projects. 

Takbir has a BArch from CSIIT School of Architecture + Planning, Secunderabad, and an M.Arch in Architecture + Urbanism from the Design Research Lab at the Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture in London.

To know more about DesignAware check out their facebook page - DesignAware.

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