Jxtapose 0.0 : The Big Bang :: A talk by Priyanka Aelay

Jxtapose 0.0 : The Big Bang :: A talk by Priyanka Aelay


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About The Event

Priyanka Aelay is a well practising experimental visual artist from Hyderabad. She has a Bachelors in Fine Arts from JNAFAU, a Masters from HCU and she is currently pursuing her PHD from EFLU.

Here is an excerpt from the artist herself:

“My works can be read as an affirmation of the ‘self’ as a repressed rhetoric and as a discursive quip in terms of rethinking the fundamental system of concepts or the ‘kunstwollen’ (artistic will). In this process of assertion, I engrave my ‘imaginary’/ ‘imaginative’ imageries onto naked surfaces, at my free will and choice.

The representations are audacious yet ambiguous. I invite the viewer into my own web of creative impulses which are sumptuously woven into known and unknown corral forms. The known mutate the unknown, imitating and renovating the ‘real’, as my ‘kunstwollen’ further gives rise to an innovative visual glossary of the implausible imagery, which is predominant in my intricately detailed work.

For me, the source comes from her nostalgic intertextuality and my unexplainable reveries conciliating between physicality and meta-physicality of the forms. ‘Flora and fauna’ unfathomably co-exist and confer a complex narrative of ‘life’ and the bewilderment. At times, they are compound riddles, which are laid in the form of visuals. Through a unique blend of real and imaginary, a dialogue of inexorable feelings is translated and transliterated into an individualistic visual idiom that is heightened by symbolic expressions.”

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