Jwalamukhi Homam

Jwalamukhi Homam


  • Jwalamukhi Homam

    Jwalamukhi Homam helps to Remove Doshas, Evil Eye And Black Magic Problems. It also grants wealth and success in life.

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About The Event

Jwalamukhi Vedicfire Rituals

Gives Power To Reduce Negative Forces, Destroy Distresses, Bolster Relationships & Obstruct Evil Eye

Scheduled Live On 4th Nov, 2017 @ 6 PM IST

Get ready for powerful ceremonies dedicated to Goddess Jwalamukhi on the auspicious day of Pournami where the goddess’ powers are extreme.

Jwalamukhi – A Great Power That Reduces Negative Forces To Ashes

Jwalamukhi refers to the goddess with a flaming mouth or that which resembles a volcano. Goddess Jwalamukhi manifested as tiny flames that burn through the fissures in an age old rock. The goddess is a form of Mother Shakti whose body part fell on different parts of the earth and each denoting a Shakti Peeth. The tongue of the goddess fell at Kangra Valley in the Shivalik range, Himachal Pradesh and is dedicated to Goddess Jwalamukhi. The divinity grants all wishes and she’s a super power that reduces negative forces to ashes.

Jwalamukhi Homam

Jwalamukhi Homam is devoted to the flaming mouth goddess and Jwalamukhi is also a place in Himachal Pradesh which is one of the 52 Shakti Peethas and this is the place where Devi’s tongue fell. A homam to this powerful goddess suppresses adversaries, gives one blessings of progeny, provides scope for improvement in business and nullifies the effects of Jupiter. It also makes sure doshas related to sarpa and pitru are eliminated besides removing obstacles and thwarting evil eye and black magic.

Navadurga Puja

Mostly worshipped during Navaratri, the Navadurgas are the nine manifestations of Goddess Durga namely:-

  • Sailaputri - Daughter of the Himalayas, provider of all fortunes
  • Brahmachariṇi - Storehouse of knowledge and wisdom
  • Chandraghaṇṭa - Leads to success, destroys enemies and sins, removes obstacles etc.
  • Kuṣmaṇḍa - Nullifies malefic effects of Sun, gives all pleasures, cure for diseases and prosperity
  • Skanda-Mata - The mother of Skanda provides salvation, power and divine splendour
  • Katyayani - Destroys sins, grants wealth, pleasures and salvation
  • Kaalaratri - Destroyer of darkness and ignorance, bestows boons, relieves turmoil, gives peace and courage
  • Mahagauri - Provides happiness, purity and auspiciousness
  • Siddhidatri - Provider of 8 sidhis, grants 26 wishes, destroys agony and ignorance, giver of mystic powers and knowledge

Maha Meru Puja

Maha Meru is a very powerful yantra and is the divine abode of Goddess Tripura Sundari.  It’s a three dimensional yantra made of multi pyramid cosmic grids that symbolises abundance and positive powers. When invoked, it brings material and spiritual wealth, success, well being, good fortune, wealth and fame.  By worshipping this divine instrument, one is blessed with ashta siddhis or eight devout powers of supreme spirituality.

Aikya Madyama Suktham

The Aikya Madya Suktam Homam provides the best solutions for relationships. Aikyam means to unite and we all should live in union and work in union. This Homam improves relations between husband and wife thus promoting marital harmony. It unites estranged and separated couples. It focuses on uniting separated friends, relations and partners. It enhances the affable relationships between neighbours, colleagues, superiors and inferiors.

Benefits Of Performing Jwalamukhi Vedicfire Rituals

  • Removes Doshas, Black Magic And Evil Eye
  • Helps to nullifies the effects of Jupiter
  • Provides improvements in business
  • Remove obstacles in life
  • Blesses You with Sidhis, Bestows Boons & Destroys Distresses
  • For Material Wealth And Success
  • For Better Understanding In Relationships

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