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Jus Mental


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About The Event

Jus Mental is a spectacular show that would leave you speechless as the amazingly talented Aakarsh. S. Bhat would mesmerize the audience with his magical skills. Yes, you heard us right, we just said, magical skills.

Aakarsh. S. Bhat is a software engineer by profession who turns into an illusionist by the night to entertain the world! At the Jus Mental Aakarsh. S. Bhat would take the audience into the wonderful world of surrealism filled with illusive realms of wonder, where the audience wouldexperience magic, which completely defies the laws of science.

Not just breath taking , Jus Mental by Aakarsh. S. Bhat has a lot more in store, which would feature all the skills of this versatile artist.


Event Details:

   Event duration:  60 mins
  Entry time for the event: 6:30 -7:00 pm
  Gate Entry Details: First come first serve.
   Would I be allowed in case I am late for the show?  YES
   Is re-entry allowed? After breaks, for a time period. yes
   Are children allowed for the event (specific age to enter)?No, 15>
   Age limit to buy a ticket: None
  Overall Capacity of the venue: 90

   How many performers are there? 1
  Ticket Rates: Rs 300/- ( includes Rs 200 redeemable vouchers)
  Ticket inclusive of Hospitality (F&B)? No: Ticket price includes Rs 200  Redeemable against Food and beverage
  How is the seating arrangement - Seated/ Non-seated :Seated
  If seated, will customers get specific Seat Numbers while booking or is it a free seating with first come first serve basis?: First come, first serve.
  Approximate distance from the first row and the stage if possible: 2 Feet
  Type of seats: Sofa, Leather couch, bucket seats, plastic chairs: Plastic chairs
  Seat layout of the Auditorium/stadium.3-5-3

  Does the venue  have a roof top / covered: Yes
  Which categories have an A/C” : None
  Are Wheelchairs or an Elevator facility available at the Venue: Yes
  Venue for Parking?: Yes
  Is parking free or chargeable? : Free

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