Jus Fusion ( an evening of  Sitar Music)

Jus Fusion ( an evening of Sitar Music)


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About The Event

Sitar recital – The Sitar recital for one hour will have the following presentations:

The presentations will include Ragas, each of which is a fixed combination of notes which brings out a certain mood.
Alaap – This initial item introduces the Raga. It is like a prayer.
Jod – The word Jod means joining. This second item consists of the Sitar artiste performing the same Raga but with a subtle or inherent tempo with a slightly faster pace than the Alaap. It is the bridge joining the Alaap with the Gat or the composition.
Gat – This third item consists of the actual composition or song. This is the Jugalbandi or the fusion between the Tabla artiste and the Sitar artiste. The song is based on a rhythm which consists of a cycle of beats. The Sitar artiste does several technical and rhythmic improvisations (called Paltas, Gamaks, Layakaris) around the song, all of which play with the rhythm, like a bird playing with the wind. The Tabla artiste also reciprocates with rhythmic solo pieces while the Sitar artiste holds or plays the fixed song.
Jhala – This is the climax of the recital. It consists of the Sitar artiste playing the rhythm strings along with notes at a high speed. This concludes with a pattern repeated three times.
Cast and Crew (if it’s a play):
Nikhil Patwardhan: Born to Shri Kumar Shrimangalmurti Patwardhan and Smt. Madhura Kumar Patwardhan, Nikhil started his musical journey at the tender age of four. His grandmother, Smt.Sarojinidevi Patwardhan and his grandfather, Shri Shrimangalmurti Patwardhan were deeply into Hindustani Classical Music. Nikhil was introduced to Hindustani Classical Music and received his initial Sitar and vocal taalim by his grandmother. He continued to receive the initial training by his father. At the age of eight, Nikhil gave his first public performance at Balgandharva. He then became a Balodyaan AIR artiste at the age of nine. At the age of twelve, Nikhil won the prestigious Center for Cultural Resources and Training scholarship from the Government of India.
"Nikhil Patwardhan is a professional and performing Sitarist from India with over 30 years of experience with Sitar and Indian classical music.
He belongs to a family of musicians and is the third generation of musicians and Sitarists.


He started his Hindustani Classical music training at the age of five with his grandmother, Smt Sarojinidevi Patwardhan and father, Shri Kumar Patwardhan. He plays pure Hindustani classical music as well as classical fusion music on Sitar and electric Sitar
Partha Mukherjee : on the Tabla. 
Partha started learning the Tabla from a very young age. He learned with Pandit Kishore Banerjee followed by Pandit Shubhankar Banerjee. He has also performed in multiple countries and also teaches Tabla.

Entry time for the event: 6:30 PM Sharp.
Gate Entry Details: First come first serve.
Ages 5 years and above are allowed for the Event.
parking free 

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