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About Jumpstart:
JUMPSTART started off being a series of workshops in 2009 for children’s\\\' book writers and illustrators. As a result of this initial venture, a bunch of p

Jumpstart 2015 Bangalore


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About The Event

JUMPSTART Bangalore 2015-21st 22nd August 2015

About Jumpstart:



JUMPSTART started off being a series of workshops in 2009 for children’s' book writers and illustrators. As a result of this initial venture, a bunch of professionals from the world of children's books – writers, illustrators, educationists & publishers put their heads together to create a platform for discussions and exchange. The following year, 2010 saw the birth of the current form of our much-loved and anticipated fest in Delhi and Bangalore.

Every year it elicits tremendous enthusiasm from our participants, coming from all over India. Today, it is India's only annual congress of children's content creators, reaching out to hundreds of professionals- designers, artists, educators, publishers, book-sellers and story-tellers. 


We constantly strive to make this a platform that encourages and nurtures existing and new talent, innovations and ideas.


We are here to work with and for people who are in the business of creating content for children across media- people who will go on to create work that will influence new generations of children. It is critical to create a community of such practitioners so that pioneering and original ideas can be shared and debated in order to improve the quality of content being produced.


We are here to create a supportive environment for such a community and to create a space for discussion around new concepts and issues.


We hope that everyone participating in JUMPSTART takes back something of value- an idea, a thought, a contact, a conversation- that will act as a catalyst for their own work with children's content.



Get Storyfied!

Theme of Jumpstart 2015: Get Storyfied!


This is a platform for creators and disseminators, for experienced professionals to aspiring amateurs, to ideate, network and fructify an existing project or simply get inspired about a new concept.


What is a story? Storytelling boils down to the sheer magic of communication. And for children, it is so much more. It is through stories that children learn to create images; it is how they store information in their brains. An engaging narrative is all it takes to make a memory. Albert Einstein once said, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’ At Jumpstart, we truly believe in the power of imagination, in the power of communication, in the power of narrative … in short, we believe in the power of a great story.


We want to bring together experts from the publishing, media, education, digital and creative industries to create dialogue and explore the different facets of narrative creation through the intersections of storytelling, imagination, technology and reality that will translate into better content for children. We wish to explore the vibrant links between traditional storytelling practices, digital initiatives, visual arts and pedagogy.


And so, we invite you to tell us YOUR story! The stories that are…Windows: A gateway to the world; Mirrors: A reflection of reality and Kaleidoscopes: A flight of fantasy.


Bangalore Schedule:

Friday Saturday 21st 22nd August


Day 1: 21st August: Inspiration


09.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.: Registration

10.00 a.m. to 11.45 p.m.: WINDOWS: Open up your imagination


A presentation followed by discussion with an Illustrator, Writer, theatre personality, and animation/ film expert. Each panelist will talk for 10 minutes about their work and their ideas on the topic. After 50 minutes, the panelists will be in conversation with each other for 30 minutes. The last 40 minutes will be for audience interaction.


11.45 p.m. to 12.15 p.m.: Tea / Coffee Break @Cafe Max

12.15 p.m. to 01.00 p.m.: MIRRORS: A reflection of reality


Each participant can choose ONE session to attend. 

(1)   Reflections: Process of writing

(2)   Through the Looking Glass: Creation of digital narratives

(3)   Prism of Ideas: Experiential Learning


01.00 p.m. to 02.00 p.m.: Lunch Break @Café Max

02.00 p.m. to 03.00 p.m.: KALEIDOSCOPES: A flight of fantasy


Conceive, Collaborate and Create the future of a story through a dynamic interaction with experts from the digital, illustration and writing fields. 


3.00 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.: Tea / Coffee Break @Café Max

03.30 p.m. to 05.00 p.m. SLAMATHON


A chance to present your idea and get feedback from experts in the world of content creation- 8 projects will be selected via a call for submission and will have to present their idea in a concise pitch. The best ideas will be voted by peers and analyzed by experts.


Day 2: August 22nd- Perspiration


09.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.: Registration

10.00 a.m. to 12.45 p.m.: Learning gets Storified!


A conference for Educators, Librarians, Publishers, Parents and Tech innovators to present, discuss and debate experiments in education such as gamification and story based learning.  Let’s find out how successful is it to move away from the traditional modes of learning to a more game based approach and integrate stories with formal curriculum to make learning a fun-filled experience. 


10.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.


11.30 a.m. to 01:00 p.m.

Writers' Masterclass with Leonie Norrington

All successful writing, whether it is autobiographical, non-fiction or fiction, essays, journalism or reports, needs character and all characters need to speak in a clear and accurate voice. Leonie Norrington will show a variety of practical writing techniques, cheeky tricks and devious sins that will help you find your characters’ voices, let them speak and keep faith in them when they hijack your carefully planned plot. This masterclass uses the act of writing as instruction. We will write, write and write, read a little and write some more. The participants will explore the depths of their characters’ consciousness, learn to see the world through their characters’ eyes and speak clearly through their voice. Please bring along a character, a writing book and a pen. 


Illustrators’ Masterclass with Nicki Greenberg

Illustration Masterclass with Nicki Greenberg How do you find your illustration groove? Great illustration is about telling stories visually. In this workshop, Nicki Greenberg will look at a range of visual narrative techniques, and help you explore using your own personal style to make your illustrations sing on the page. The workshop will include character development exercises, tips about materials and media, and ideas for planning and creating an illustrated ‘world’ in your book. She will then bring these ideas together to workshop your own projects. Please bring along your work in progress (at any stage - preliminary sketches are fine). You will also need to bring paper, pencils and any other materials you would like to experiment with.


Storytelling Masterclass with Ameen Haque 

How do you tell a story? Each of us has a story to tell, but how do we bring it alive in a performance for children? Storyteller Ameen Haque takes you from page to stage. Learn how to convert a written story into a performance. This masterclass will address storytelling fundamentals as well as advanced techniques and give you tips on how to start a storytelling session, how to add music and actions to a performance, voice modulation and body language for storytellers.

Screenwriting Masterclass with Motti Aviram

This masterclass is aimed at people who want to gain key skills that will help them develop and write film and television content for children. Screenwriter Motti Aviram will work with you and help you deal with topics such as the language of scriptwriting, understanding the basic cognitive needs of young viewers, principles in scriptwriting for children, children’s humor, writing for puppets and using television writing techniques in developing interactive books for children.



Who should attend?


If you are a creative mind engaged with or captivated by the constantly evolving world of children’s content,

If your idea of content is multi-dimensional in creation and multi-pronged in dissemination,

If a story is not just an idea, or text, or pages for you, but also sound, image, shapes and much more

If you wish to explore further and develop together

If you are:

A writer

An illustrator

An animator

A publisher

An editor

A teacher
A librarian
A designer
A game developer

A curious, creative person


Then JUMPSTART 2015 is your space to update, ideate, collaborate and Get Storyfied!



Why should you attend?


Content is dynamic, and processes are collaborative. Trends are many, targets are mediated.

And here comes in JUMPSTART 2015 designed to address your need for a one-stop platform to re-energise and regroup to innovate.


JUMPSTART 2015 is a must visit if you are looking to:


Be inspired by our array of national and international speakers and workshop leaders

Be together and network with peers and professionals from the diverse content industry

Be updated with the trades and tricks of writing and illustrating for children through the Masterclasses

Be in sync with the latest trends in the cross-media world of content and education

Be in the spotlight presenting your work before our jury


So, join in to explore, interact and innovate with the latest and the best, and GET STORYFIED!


Bangalore Speakers and Masterclasses facilitators at Jumpstart Bangalore:


Masterclass facilitator Nicki Greenberg

Nicki Greenberg is a writer and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. Her first books, The Digits series, were published when she was fifteen years old. They sold more than 380,000 copies in Australia and New Zealand.


In 2008 Nicki’s innovative graphic adaptation of The Great Gatsby was selected as a White Raven at the Bologna Book Fair. She then went on to tackle Hamlet in a lavish 425-page “staging on the page”. Hamlet was joint winner of the 2011 Children’s Book Council of Australia Picture Book of the Year award.


Nicki’s recent picture books for young children include The Naughtiest Reindeer, Monkey Red, Monkey Blue and BOM! Went the Bear. She has also written and illustrated non-fiction for children, and her book, It’s True! Squids Suck! was shortlisted for the 2006 Aventis Prize for Science Books.


Nicki is currently working on several picture books for children, including a sequel to The Naughtiest Reindeer.



Masterclass facilitator Leonie Norrington

Leonie Norrington was born in Darwin and grew up among the Barunga community in central Arnhemland in the Northern Territory. She is a journalist, author and teacher.  Being brought up within a mixed cultural environment, Leonie has always been very much a part of the Aboriginal stories and issues that surround her. ‘I am interested in the places where cultures and languages meet,’ she says, ‘especially how people use language and story to bridge cultural differences or to make statements about their separateness. She writes in a mix of English, Kriol and Indigenous language and her stories are a beautifully conceived reflection of the life she lives. Black and white characters merge, lives are entwined and for her there is no racial issue, merely a different way of looking. Leonie is a passionate supporter of Aboriginal people and demonstrates enormous respect for her neighbors within her writing. She is married and lives on a farm at Noonamah. She has three children and two grandchildren.



Leonie’s picture book Look See, Look at Me won the award for the honour book in the 2011 Children’s Book Council awards. Her novel The Devil You Know won the 2010 Territory Read award 2010. Her first children's book The Barrumbi Kidswas honour book in the Children’s Book Council awards 2002 and shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s prize 2003.



The sequel The Spirit of Barrumbiwas shortlisted for the South Australian Festival awards 2004. The Last Muster was shortlisted for the WA Premier's prize 2005. Leaving Barrumbi 2007 and You and Me: Our Place were shortlisted on 2008 Children's Book Council Award.


As an author, Leonie works in schools throughout Australia giving workshops and author talks. She has presented lectures to luncheons and dinners and ‘meet the Author sessions’ at libraries and bookshops.



Leonie’s author talk is an inspirational riot of readings and anecdotes about life, writing, being an author and writing in general. Warning - includes spontaneous combustion, murdering crocodiles and exploding evil ‘badies.’

Masterclass facilitator Motti Aviram

Motti Aviram is a leading figure in the Israeli children's television industry. He has created a large share of Israel's most successful and appreciated children's TV series. He has also served as the head director and content editor of the Sesame Street shows in Israel, and directed the Shalom Sesame series in New York (starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Jerry Stiller, Joan Rivers and many more).

Later, Motti became the content director of Hop TV, Israel's leading pre-school TV channel, and then established Subtext, a content company specializing in children's television shows. Motti has served as a senior lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and at Israel's School of Screenwriting. He recently participated in an international workshop for television and movie content editors, funded by the British Council.  

Currently, he is the content director heading the creative team at Clasikaletet, a company specializing in the production and distribution of videos and books for children. Recently, Motti has published his book, The Complete Guide to Screenwriting for Children's Film & Television.




Sudeshna Ghosh

 Sudeshna Shome Ghosh has worked in the publishing industry for over 18 years. She began her career at Penguin Books India where she headed the children’s imprint Puffin before moving to Rupa Publications where she started the children’s imprint Red Turtle. She is currently the Editorial Director of Red Turtle and also works as a freelance editor.








Aruna Ganesh Ram:

Aruna is a performance director, deviser, designer and founder of Visual Respiration. She holds an (MA) in Advanced Theatre Practice from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London, United Kingdom. She is also a graduate in Communication and Design. Aruna is interested in engaging with audiences in unique ways and creating multi-sensorial performance experiences. She is interested in making work that is visual, through a combination of elements that are aural, gestural and digital.

Aruna has been in theatre and performance for the last 15 years. Her most recent work, Re:play, an immersive performance inspired by Traditional Indian Games has been performed over 35 times in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Singapore and London. It was also showcased at theKala Ghoda Arts festival in Mumbai in2014.

Her other directorial performances include A moment of memory (2015) Visual Respiration the performance (2013), which premiered in London as part of the Accidental Festival, Swami and Friends(2011) by RK Narayan, which toured as part of the Metro Plus Theatre festival to Bangalore, Hyderabad and Coimbatore, Kingdom of Fools (2009), a folklore which ran over 20 performances in Chennai, India Aruna is also a facilitator in theatre and theatre based learning, where she uses theatre based processes in areas of communication skills, team dynamics and leadership. She was the Artistic Director of Landing Stage, a youth theatre group that has trained and introduced over100 young actors on stage. She is an ATSA fellow 2014-15, an arts management fellowship, focused on grooming art managers in South Asia.




Arundhati Venkatesh

Arundhati Venkatesh went to school in five towns (including the big, bustling city of Bombay and a sleepy hill town with a waterfall) and worked in four continents. Everywhere, she made up stories. Now she puts them down on paper. In her previous work avatars, she managed projects at an IT major and headed communications at a non-profit.

Arundhati has published picture books and chapter books with leading publishing houses in India. Her books have won several awards, including the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award 2015 for India, Middle East and Asia for  Petu Pumpkin Tooth Troubles, the Comic Con India 2015 Best Publication for Children award for
Bookasura - The Adventures of Bala and the Book-eating Monster and the RivoKids Hindustan Times Parents and Kids Choice Award for Petu Pumpkin TiffinThiefand Junior Kumbhakarna.

She also gives author talks in Bangalore where she lives, as well as at schools and literature festivals across the country.



Testimonials on Jumpstart 2014:


“It’s great to be at JUMPSTART and it’s great to see so many people here, all ready to write books for children. They’re not just writing but getting through to publishers, understanding what the process is… I hope that many more people write for children and I’m sure they will and JUMPSTART can legitimately claim to have played a big role in this whole process. Equally good to be here in a personal capacity as a translator and to be able to meet and address questions from people who are interested. India being uniquely multilingual, translation plays such an important role in getting children’s books across to a larger set of readers.”

Arunava Sinha (Translator and author)


“This is my second time at JUMPSTART. I absolutely love being here because it does what it promises to do. It jumpstarts parts of your brain that either have been dormant or haven’t been exercised in that particular way. So what interests and excites me about JUMPSTART is that I get to hear from other professionals and sometimes get to hear very radical and exciting things; learn a lot, laugh a lot and I go away richer for it.”

Sampurna Chattarji (Author, Poet and translator)



“My experience with JUMPSTART has been a unique one because this is in fact, my first one. I only moved to Delhi last year…so it was unique in that I did not know what the previous years were like, I had obviously read about it and heard about it but for me it was like starting with a completely blank slate and that gave me a very different perspective from what the other programmers were looking at…I’ve sort of been blown away by the kind of impact that I’ve seen JUMPSTART to have. Bangalore has been a firework…bringing JUMPSTART to Bangalore has been incredible because there has been this large, vast space that has been left undefined and bringing JUMPSTART to Bangalore has maybe taken a couple of steps towards filling that void. I’m very optimistic about children’s literature in India.”

Manasi Subramaniam (Commissioning Editor, HarperCollins)


Press about Jumpstart 2014:


“Play is the work of the child,” Maria Montessori had said nearly a century ago, and in the ensuing period, this idea appears to have lived a strange double life. While there has been an explosion of play schools, these places have perhaps also had a role to play in taking children away from the true spirit of play. It is this spirit that the sixth edition of Jumpstart Festival was animated by.”

(THE HINDU, 27th August 2014)


“The aptly named Jumpstart kept up its reputation by turning it up a notch yet again this year. “Let’s play” was the theme, and we came wondering what would be playing for us. Loads, we discovered. The speakers’ jolts of lightning had us sparking through the two-day festival. (Okay, it’s a conference, but it’s festive enough to merit using the word ‘festival’. Stop quibbling and play!).
NuryVittachi was electric, yet managed to keep us in stitches. In various sessions, he emphasized the need for layered stories. He pointed out how almost all fairy tales and modern bestsellers have protagonists with “dead mothers”. The question “Why is this?” was one many of us hadn’t thought to ask before.”

(The Duckbill Blog, 3rd September 2014)


“Some books have games in them and some books are game-books. The many presentations, master-classes for writers and illustrators and the panel discussions, include many new aspects, in line with a highly dynamic and ever-changing children’s content space.”

(Deccan Herald, 27th August 2014)

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