Manage your child without stress - A 6 Session Series

Manage your child without stress - A 6 Session Series


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About The Event

Manage your child without stress

Learn how to be best friends with your child


Parenthood is tough and some very tough decisions have to be made. No matter how much you decide that you want to explain things to your child calmly, you may end up yelling or hitting the child. Sometimes it seems like you have no other choice. But it is not so. Research shows that scolding and beating a child slows cognitive development. But fear not. There is an effective and time tested solution at hand. We can help you overcome your problems and transform the situation at home.


This 6 session, fun filled program with interesting audio visuals to help understanding, will help you


  • Use non violent discipline that really works. You won’t have to scold your kids again.
  • Be best friends with your child.
  • Teach responsibility, courage, and other important traits.
  • Encourage school success in seven steps.
  • Prevent future problems with drugs, alcohol and sex.
  • Defuse power struggles with your children.
  • Stimulate independence as your children grow older


Most of all, you will be enjoying a beautiful, fulfilling relationship with your kids which will in turn make your life much brighter and more joyful.


This talk at Active Parenting 4th Edition will be conducted by Child Psychologist and Parent and Child Counsellor, Mrs Rupal Jasraj Patel. You will get personalized one-on-one support to help you get more connected to your child...


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Call: 9821174471
starts Monday, 18th January 2016 (6 Mondays)
10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Ave 29, 4, Kohinoor Mansion, Above B Blunt, 29, Hughes Rd., Mumbai- 7

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