Book Online Tickets for JOB Oriented Training in IoT , Machine L, Hyderabad. Designed suitably with inputs from Academic personnel’s,this specific training program on IoT using Node NCU, Raspberry Pi,Python Programming & Machine Learning is floated with an Industrial point of view. This training program is designed

JOB Oriented Training in IoT , Machine Learning using Node MCU and Raspberry Pi @Hyderabad


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About The Event

Designed suitably with inputs from Academic personnel’s,this specific training program on IoT using Node NCU, Raspberry Pi,Python Programming & Machine Learning is floated with an Industrial point of view. This training program is designed in a way with a mix of 80% Hands on Sessions & subsequent theory sessions to cater to the industrial requirements and make the candidates industry ready.

Course Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the training program, the candidate will

  • Have Adept knowledge of Controller Architectures – Raspberry Pi , Node MCU
  • Be able to acquire vast Python & Embedded C Programming Skills
  • Have definite knowledge on accessing the Open Source Cloud platforms
  • Gain a deep thrust to the Machine Learning Algorithms – Program specific & from the coding point
  • Acquire specific skillsets on Image Processing Concepts & Open CV
  • Have a better understanding on the Interfacing of Peripherals & Sensors to the Controllers  

Week 1: Node MCU Controller & Interface


DAY – 1| Introduction to Node MCU and IDE

  • Basic NODE MCU and ARDUINO Uno Presentation
  • Software Installation Node MCU in ArduinoIDE
  • Embedded CProgramming
  • Interface LED, Buzzer on GPIO
  • Interface IR / PIR Sensor with Node MCU.


Day – 2 | UART communication and Ultrasonic (Hands on Training)

  • (Switch Application) on/off using char and string Receive
  • Interface Ultrasonic sensor with Arduino
  • Ultrasonic sensor distance measuring and display on serial monitor
  • Ultrasonic sensor with buzzer "obstacle detected," on serial monitor
  • Interface PIR Sensor and develop an Security Alert


DAY - 3 | ADC &IoT (Hands on Training)

  • Control LED / Buzzer through Wifi
  • Comparison of ESP8266 and NODE MCU
  • Interface Temperature Sensor with Node MCU
  • ON/OFF Switching of appliances or home device from the cloud
  • Creating a webpage in HTML/PHP
  • Reading sensor values and passing it to local server.


DAY - 4 | Internet of things with free Cloud service (Hands on Training)

  • Thingspeak introduction
  • Account creation in thingspeak and getting API key
  • Passing analog and digital sensor values to thingspeakusing API key
  • Remote controlling of the devices.


 DAY - 5 | Task with digital sensor and IoT

  • PWM with ultrasonic sensor
  • Changing the intensity of buzzer with respect to distance
  • NODE MCU (PWM) with LED


Week 2: Python Programming & Open CV

DAY – 6| Introduction to Python

  • Introduction to Basic programming and concepts
  • Core objects and Built-in-Functions
  • Conditional statements and loops
  • Hands on Training with Python Programmes


Day – 7 | Python Programming

  • Inheritance&File Handling With Python
  • Classes, methods, functions and set of objects
  • Exception handling
  • Creating a new data type


DAY - 8 | Python for IoT

  • Weather application with python
  • Weather notification
  • Python with Thingspeak application
  • Python GUI creation basics
  • Project implementation


DAY - 9 | Open CV- image processing with python

  • Open CV basics
  • Basic image commands in open CV
  • Colour conversions
  • Object detection
  • Threshold segmentation – binary , colour etc


 DAY - 10 | Task with digital sensor and IoT

  • Video processing Concepts
  • Interface IP CAM android app- using wireless method for video and image capturing
  • Develop a Code for Video frame conversion
  • Develop a Face recognition Algorithm and Demonstrate.
  • Project Development - Multiple object tracking based on colours
  • Project Development - Digital ART Demo.
  • Project Development - Vehicle and pedestrian detection


 Week 3: Raspberry Pi & Internet of Things [IoT]

 DAY - 11 | Raspberry Pi & Its Programming

  • Raspberry pi 3 with python fundamentals
  • OS installation
  • Python Programme on Peripheral Interface
  • Peripheral interface with Pi - led and buzzer.


DAY - 12 | Hardware Peripheral Interface with Pi (Hands on Training)

  • Interface IR and PIR Sensor
  • Develop a code using IR sensor for object detection
  • Develop a code usingPIR sensor for security application
  • Develop a project for Smart room using PIR Sensor – person count


DAY - 13 | Sensors and Camera Interface with Pi (Hands on Training)

  • Internet of things with raspberry Pi
  • Interface Ultrasonic with Pi
  • Develop a Code for Object detection with distance measurement- blind spot detection
  • Interface a Camera with Pi for security application
  • Project Development - Capturing and sending image on sensor detection through mail


DAY - 14| Sensors and Camera Interface with Pi (Hands on Training)

  • Creating webpage for controlling devices
  • Espeak software introduction
  • Audio output for sensor detection for visually impaired person
  • Passing Sensor Information To Our Webpage


DAY - 15 | Pi interface with Open Source Cloud

  • Develop a Platform for Thingspeak with Pi
  • Writing and reading values from thingspeak
  • Thingspeak security system
  • Android app with raspberry and thingspeak for controlling devices


Week 4: Machine Learning Algorithms and Concepts

 DAY - 16 | Python on Machine Learning

  • Introduction to Algorithm
  • File handling, Exception handling, Command line arguments, modules and packages
  • Functions, String, List
  • Python Regular Expressions
  • Accessing CSV,JSON,XML files and Logging in python


 DAY - 17 | NumPy, Pandas in for Data analysis and ML

  • Data types:Array creation, I/O with NumPy, Indexing,Broadcasting,Byte-swapping,Structuredarrays, Sub classing array
  • Data Visualization, 2D plotting with Matplotlib
  • Advanced data visualization with Seaborn
  • Exploring Data with Pandas, Data manipulation with Pandas
  • Statistical & Tine Series analysis with Pandas


DAY - 18 | Machine Learning Theory with hands on Programming

  • Design a Learning System
  • Bayesian Learning Techniques
  • Linear models for Regression/Classification
  • Non-linear Models &Decision Trees


DAY - 19 | Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Instance-based Learning, k-Nearest Neighbor Learning
  • Support Vector Machine,
  • Linearly separable data &Non-linearly separable data
  • K-means clustering &Genetic Algorithm


 DAY - 20 | Machine Learning Projects Walkthrough

  • Data cleaning and formatting , Exploratory data analysis, Feature engineering and selection
  • Establish a baseline and compare several machine learning models on a performance metric
  • Perform hyper-parameter tuning on the best model to optimize it for the problem
  • Developing and Evaluating the Projects on Machine Learning.


Registration Fee 

For Students : Rs.8000/-

Certificate of Participation will be provided by Pantech

Participant Seats are limited to 20 Per Batch. This will be on First Come , First Serve basis .

Please feel free to call the undersigned for any further clarifications .

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