Japanese Film Screening - Fall Guy

Japanese Film Screening - Fall Guy


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A movie studio at Kyoto, Mecca of samurai pictures. A famous star GINSHIRO is playing the main role in “Shinsen-gumi” which is now at the height of shooting. However, he is uneasy because he fears he is being outrivaled by TACHIBANA, a rising new actor. YASU who adores GINSHIRO, is a bit player, always working with him. To YASU, GINSHIRO is a generous boss, and he is always ready to do anything for him.

 One day GINSHIRO, who has been asked to clean up his private life as a means to enhance his image, brings KONATSU, an actress who is four pregnant with his bastard, to YASU’s flat and tells the bit player to marry the woman and be father to the child. YASU, out of blind devotion to his idol, accepts.
KONATSU gets sick and is hospitalized. To pay the costs, YASU accepts all manner of dangerous stunt jobs. KONATSU, despite disliking him for his inane obedience to GINSHIRO, grows to love YASU and decides to marry him. When YASU takes her to meet his family in hometown, his mother, who realizes the baby is not her son’s nevertheless sanctions the marriage.

GINSHIRO’s popularity is waning and TACHIBANA is replacing him as a star. Even GINSHIRO’s new heartthrob deserts him. He desperately wants to recover his place at the top and hopes “ Shinsen-gumi” has an exciting climactic scene where a man falls from a towering staircase. In fact, so hazardous is the shot that no stunt man is willing to take the risk. As a result, the producers decide to cut the scene. GINSHIRO makes a dramatic appeal to YASU, and as the star hoped his disciple agrees to take the fall, even though he might die as the upshot. The day of the shooting arrives, and while KONATSU gives birth to a baby girl, YASU takes the plunge but miraculously survives.

“Fall Guy” is a picturization of the novel by TSUKA Kohei which won the NAOKI award, given to work in the filed of popular literature. The script was also written by the author TSUKA.
The film depicts the inside story of a film studio in a comical touch, full of inventive and extraordinary ideas. This comedy was well received and won the first place in the ‘Kinema-Jumpo’ magazine’s Ten Best Films as well as many other awards. The theme song entitled ”Kamata Koshinkyoku”(The Kamata March) which is also the Japanese title of the film, was a tune popular in the 1930’s and brings nostalgia to the devoted movie fans. In old days, Shochiku Company had studios located in Kamata, southern part of Tokyo, where contemporary features were produced. Since the samurai plays such as “Fall Guy” were exclusively filmed in Kyoto, the modern tune of the theme song does not seem suitable for the period scenes of the picture. But, the usage of the tune is perhaps justified because it will bring back the memories of the good old days when motion pictures were at their height.

1982/Color/Vista/16mm/ 109min

Director: FUKASAKU Kinji
Screenplay by:TSUKA Kohei
Based on a novel by himself
Photography:KITAZAKA Kiyoshi
Art Director:TAKAHASHI Akira
Music:KAI Masato
Produced by:KADOKAWA Haruki

Konatsu: MATSUZAKA Keiko
Ginshiro:KAZAMA Morio
Yasu:HIRATA Mitsuru

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