Jamuna - Play At Shri Ram Centre

Jamuna - Play At Shri Ram Centre


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Jamuna - Play by The Film & Theatre Society.

Jamuna is a play based on a short story written by the writer-director Atul Satya Koushik. This play is set in the "middle of twentieth century" India which has been the most written, most performed and most talked of part of Indian history. But unlike other larger-than-life pieces of literature belonging to that era Jamuna is a story of an ordinary woman, a mother of three sons, who tries to keep her family intact amongst everything that is happening around. This play shows the internal conflicts and turmoil prevailing in an ordinary Indian family with the struggle for freedom, social beliefs of those times and then the partition in the backdrop. What happened during those days was so much that even the richest of the history could not incubate all of that and this is what "JAMUNA" tries to bring out. Beleaguered in different convictions, values and aspirations of her sons and husband Jamuna is a representative of quintessential Indian women and mother.

Jamuna is performed using two of the most beautiful Indian Languages i.e. Punjabi and Urdu and the strong performances are garnished by the live folk and sufiana music along with elaborate sets, lights and costumes promise to take the audiences back to that era.

Main Actors : Shakti Singh, Akhilesh Aroa, Parul Sachdeva, Sahil Malhota, Isha Uppal, Rahul Singh, Sonam Kanotra, Farooq Khaan.

Music : Bramhanaad
Light and Sound : Jai Anand Meghani
Writer and Director : Atul Satya Koushik
Pricing Details : Rs. 300/- 200/- 100/- 50/-

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