JalaNeti | 29 Mar | Indira Nagar

JalaNeti | 29 Mar | Indira Nagar


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About The Event

Jala Neti is a simple process that relieves Asthma, cold and Kahpa related ailments. Above all, most importantly, it calms and activates the nervous system in a big way.


Neurologically, it brings a certain dynamism and, at the same time, a certain tranquility. If you are hyper it brings you down. Now, because you are not jumpy anymore, a whole lot of things happen, a series of cascading effects. Medically, one can experience all the benefits of a person whose nerves are calm.


  • Helps with diseases of eyes, nose and throat region - relieving cold, allergies and sinusitis
  • Removes excess mucus and pollutants from nasal passages and sinuses
  • Relieves insomnia, tiredness and improves quality of sleep
  • Prevents and helps with respiratory tract diseases like asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis etc
  • Relieves migraine, headache, anxiety and helps in releasing stress thereby bringing tranquility
  • Helps with epilepsy


Date : 29th March

Venue: Montfort Spirituality Center

Time : 10:30am to 12:00pm

Contact: 9902714005

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