Jaipur - Being You in Relationships with Aditi Surana

Jaipur - Being You in Relationships with Aditi Surana


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About The Event

Being You in Relationships
Relationship is a special and sacred bond that we share with a significant other. We enter into one hoping to make our life better and more joyous. But how many of us truly make great relationships? A space in which we don’t have to divorce any part of us; where we become greater being a part of the relationship; where life becomes more enriched and fun as a consequence of being together. We often believe that relationships need sacrifice and compromise from one person or both. What if this wasn’t true? What if we could make beautiful relationships by no sacrifice? What if we could create a nourishing relationship by choosing to be ourselves? While raising kids and running home and business we often get too involved with our responsibilities. We start equating our family’s happiness as our happiness. What if while being parents, being spouses or being managers we could still be who we are? What if in a day of 24 hours we could spend some time, say 30 minutes to start with, doing things that we love; as a respect to our being. The impact of our relationship with our selves could blossom and flourish our relationship with our significant other! How often have we seen or heard of a perfect couple getting into marital trouble or two siblings after years of living together not see eye to eye! Why does this happen? What makes one or both feel that they’ve had enough of the relationship and cannot go on? Is it possible to be comfortable in a body where you have cut off your arms and legs? Then how is it possible to feel at ease when you’ve cut off parts of you to fit into a relationship? The space ought to get painful or claustrophobic sooner or later. And one day the bond would snap. Why wait for that day when you can bring ease, joy and glory to your relationships simply by choosing to be more of you! By being who you are; you honour yourself, be honest in your relationship and respect and care for your significant other! Simply by being you, you create lasting and glorious bonds of total love, admiration, respect and gratitude.

About Aditi Surana: 
International facilitator of advanced Access Consciousness® workshops, Aditi has worked with a former President of India, CEOs of the country’s largest banks, multi – national Indian organizations & Movie stars from Bollywood as an Executive Coach & Life Coach with more than 12 years of experience.
She invites and inspires people to more consciousness from total allowance, caring, humor and a phenomenal knowing. She facilitates people to tap into and recognize their own abilities and knowing. The energetic transformation possible is fast --- and truly dynamic. Using the tools of Access Consciousness, she has created magic in her own life & aspires to do the same for those desiring it.

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November 20 | Sunday | 6pm - 9pm | Jaipur

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