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Rotaract Club of Madras Central sponsored by Rotary Club of Madras CentralRID3232Proudly presents
In the memory of Rtr. J.K. SAMYUKTHA, a past Rotaractor of RA



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About The Event


Rotaract Club of Madras Central
sponsored by
Rotary Club of Madras Central
Proudly presents


In the memory of Rtr. J.K. SAMYUKTHA, a past Rotaractor of RAC OF MADRAS CENTRAL, the ideator of RAIN WATER HARVESTING (RWH) to Chennai District, whose idea has been a great hand for preserving Nature's gift till date.

Bat For A Cause :
For the past 15 successful years, the funds raised through this event have been used for various Community Service Projects. This year, the funds raised will be used for Educating Orphan Children.

Registration Fee - ₹5000

Runner-Up team - ₹10000 + TROPHY
Trophy for Man Of The Match & Man Of The Series
Citations, Vouchers & more for all!

32 teams conquering 31 Knock-Out matches on 08 JUNE 2019 at D. B. JAIN COLLEGE GROUND, THORAIPAKKAM.

The Clash Of Teams Is Coming Soon!



  1. Matches will be played with standard tennis ball.
  2. Each game shall be played between two teams of Eleven (11) players.
  3. A match consists of a maximum of 8 over’s (six balls per over) bowled by each side.
  4. All the players should submit their ID card before starting the match.
  5. A team shall not be permitted to declare its innings closed.
  6. The tournament will be played on Knockout basis.
  7. In the event of same scores, each team has to ball a super over. If the Super over ends in TIE scores, the team losing fewest wickets shall be judged the winner. In the event of both teams remaining same again, the team conceding the least amount of extras shall win. If both teams remain tied again, then team scoring the most sixes in their innings shall win. If no sixes have been scored then the team achieving the most fours shall be the declared winner.
  8. The time limit for each innings shall be 33 minutes and the break of 8 minutes between innings.
  9. The teams cannot swap player with other teams or bring in new players to the team once the tournament commence. The final 15 players list should be submitted at the time of first match in the registration desk.
  10. A bowler can bowl a maximum of 2 over’s only per innings.
  11. Underarm bowling is prohibited, No LBW, No Leg Byes.
  12. A “wide” shall count as one (1) extra run to the bat team and an extra ball shall be bowled. Over the head height will be called a “wide” and Leg-side wide rule will be applicable.
  13. A “no-ball” shall count as one (1) Extra run to the batting team and an extra ball shall be bowled. A full toss delivery over the waist height, ball bouncing passes the batsmen above shoulder height and front foot crossing over the crease will be called a “no ball”. Any runs scored from a No-ball will be credit to the extras for the No-ball only.
  14. Free hit will be presented to the bat team for the front foot No-ball only.
  15. A Substitute Fielder/runner will be permitted if the batsman becomes ill or injured during the course of the game, subject to the umpire’s approval, but he (substitute) will not be allowed to bowl or bat. The Substitute shall be a member of the batting team and where possible will have already batted. The replacement must come from the nominated players for the same.
  16. No Power play and No fielding restrictions.
  17. All players are mandatory to be in proper cricket dress code. Without Shoes and sportswear, the concern players will not be permitted. Thongs or barefoot are not permitted for safety reasons.
  18. In the event of an infringement, the square leg umpire shall call and signal No-ball.
  19. One player from each team shall be nominated as a team Captain for the competition. Captain’s responsible to nominate the players in bat and bowling orders, for the conduct of the team and on behalf of the team in the event of any disputes.
  20. Match fixtures (who-plays-who) shall be set, in advance, by the organisers on a random-pick basis and shall be communicated to the team captains before the competition
  21. Game Co-ordinators will allocate Individual scores for each match. All score sheets need to be fully completed, signed off by the captain of each team at the completion of each match.
  22. All decisions by umpire on the field of play and the Competition Co-ordinators in all matters shall be final. Any player showing unreasonable dissent in the opinion of the umpires shall follow due warning or disqualification from further play in the competition.
  23. Any subsequent appeal into the Match umpire determination must be referred to the Competition umpire within an hour of the completion of the match.
  24. The Competition umpire will consult playing rules and team captains, match umpires in considering the matter. The Competition umpire determination will be final.
  25. All teams should bring their own Cricket Gear.
  26. Both teams must report 30mins prior the match. If not present then Umpire will make the decision as Walkover.
  27. If a team fails to turn up, the registration fee will NOT be refunded.
  28. The organizing committee reserves the right to reject an entry.
  29. The organizing committee reserves the right to alter the flow of events; and in case of any change, it will be communicated to the team managers / Captains.
  30. No request for alteration of the order of events will be entertained.
  31. The organizing committee's decision will be final on all matters not specifically covered by the rules mentioned here.
  32. All rights reserved.


  • Maximum of 32 teams shall be enrolled on first come first served basis.
  • Registration fee of Rs.5000 per team (Non Refundable).
  • Teams registering for the Competition must agree to abide by the rules of the tournament.
  • Organizers decisions will be final in all circumstances.
  • All participants representing the organization must be on the rolls of the company or temporary staff working for the company.
  • Each member of the team shall conform to the rules of the tournament.
  • In case of change in dates of the tournament due to any unforeseen circumstances, the company agrees to participate in any alternate date fixed by the organizers. We understand that due consideration will be given to the convenience of the majority of the participating companies before any such action is taken.
  • The organising Committee’s decision will be final and binding on any matter concerning J.K.Samyuktha Corporate Cricket Championship 2019.
  • Rotaract Club of Madras Central, sponsors and its executives or affiliates will not be held responsible for any accident, injury, loss of property or death during this event.

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