It’s all about ROI: The Value of Project Management

It’s all about ROI: The Value of Project Management


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It’s all about ROI: The Value of Project Management
Implementing a standard project management practice in an organization has many tangible, quantifiable benefits. For example, many companies’ report that a systematic approach to project management helps get products to market faster, increases quality, reduces project failures, and increases customer satisfaction. Moreover, executives have reported that when a project fails, an average of one-third of that project’s budget is lost for good , and with 36% of projects not meeting their goals, that can add up to significant write-offs, write-offs your company cannot afford to make. If you can improve your organization’s project management success rate it will pay substantial dividends. Join J. LeRoy Ward as he explores the world of project management, what it is, what it isn’t, what it can and cannot do. He will explore the value of project management as reported by industry leaders and describe the eleven project management success factors that save companies time and money. Look at it this way: your organization is working on projects right now. The key question is are you really doing it the best way possible?

Session Take-Away's:
The “Big Picture”: Global Trends affecting Project Management
What is a project?
What is project management?
What do project managers manage?
What industries use project management?
Project Management Best Practices
Project Management Success Factors
What is the value of project management?
The “Bottom Line”-The cost of poor project management

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