iSocialMediaWeek 2012

iSocialMediaWeek 2012


About The Event

Calling all Social Media Addicts, Be a part of iSocial Media Week.

So what is this Social Media Week?
It is a week-long event to celebrate social media showcasing the pros and cons of using this tool. It is a fun filled event with a topping of humour and of course prizes for best entries.
Come one come all to experience the A to Z of social media, because not just the individuals are seeking SM but even the organisations have embraced this immensely colossal opportunity known none other than ‘social media’. Witness, what precisely is this type of media which has taken our world by storm and opened new avenues in digital marketing which is favouring business houses to an extent which is arduous to believe.
Come forward to a sumptuous week of celebrations in order to fill your think tank diet with loads of Social Media activities that will help you in taming this SM beast to nurture the art of getting socially connected, we at ileadfarmers call this connection as P2P i.e. person to person, because a business has shifted from B2B. This transition or change has taken place when Social Media was introduced recently.
Inviting you to be a component of this event. Focussing on what impact and stir it has created in our personal and professional lives and how marketers are using this tool to harness extraordinary results for their organisation.
You can expect,
Wisdom on how to use this tool. Wisdom here means we are talking about intelligence and not automation. Businesses are automating social media and this is where they go erroneous because an individual would definitely not want to connect socially to machines. It’s not just about wisdom but there will be fun activities like a whacky photo contest open to all where you can send your all time bizarre social photos and you can win whacky prizes. To top it up we will ask our participants why they love facebook so much, and the best entry will get featured in our ‘iWire’ blog of ‘iLeadFarmers’.
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