Book Online Tickets for ISAAC 2013, Mumbai. ISAAC 2013ISAAC focuses on inquisitiveness, perseverance and penchant for hard work through fusion of knowledge, experimentation and analysis. It works at encouraging the creativity of the future engineers. Being the annual inter-collegiate technical

ISAAC 2013


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About The Event

ISAAC 2013

ISAAC focuses on inquisitiveness, perseverance and penchant for hard work through fusion of knowledge, experimentation and analysis. It works at encouraging the creativity of the future engineers. Being the annual inter-collegiate technical festival of IEEE-TSEC, ISAAC continues bringing out the best in students through seminars, workshops and contests for over 14 years. ISAAC proudly holds the title of being the largest technical festival under Mumbai University. It is an arena, a platform for young intellectual minds to learn and imbibe technical knowledge, battle in contests honing their creative and technical skills, and win laurels commending their perseverance.

ISAAC is a huge endeavor, comprising of top level conferences, technical workshops, contests and exhibitions each year. Each year, the committee strives to exceed expectations, and make ISAAC bigger and better than ever.

ISAAC 2012 was a magnificent enterprise, having a plethora of conferences, seminars, workshops and technical contests. With the number of participants and spectators rising to SEVERAL HUNDREDS, ISAAC 2012 was a resounding success!





ISAAC organizes workshops, divided into the categories of robotics and non-robotics. Several workshops are conducted, where a massive turnout of enthusiastic students learn about computing, web designing, application development, and simple manufacture and programming of bots, among many other workshops. The workshops are highly technical and hence students gain tremendous knowledge about prominent technologies and concepts.



2. iOS
3. Web Designing
4. Android Application Development
5. Linux
6. Java 7 and Embedded Java
7. Cloud Computing
8. Bioinformatics
9. 3D Photography
10. 3D Animation
11. Ethical Hacking
12. Forensics
13. Digital Forensics
14. VFX
15. Photoshop + CorelDraw
16. Molecular Cloning and Strategy
17. Adobe Flex
18. XaX Database
19. GreenFoot






2.Sixth Sensebotz
3.Accelero ARDUINObotics






Contests are for the tech geeks and aficionados who can’t wait to battle it out in the battlefield. They are high level technical robotic and non-robotic contests, where students learn and compete to win laurels and knowledge. It is truly a battleground for students to test their technical wits and merits against each other.


1. Circuitron
2. C.O.D.E.R
3. Civil Beta
4. Occult Coding
5. Photomontage
6. Quizdom
7. TPP-Technical Paper Presentation
8. Web Maestro
9. Hackerzone
10. OTH-Online Treasure Hunt
11. Stock Wave
12. Le Ragemaker
13. Project X
14. Just DOodle It
15. GameGen
16. Survival of the Fittest


1. Burnout
2. Road Block
3. Gladiators
4. Triple Threat
5. ShapeShifters
6. Kick Start






Every year, ISAAC holds major conferences for the benefit of the students. These conferences are conducted by eminent names in the industrial world, which come to our college to carry out the conference. The conferences revolve around prominent and up-to-date technologies and futuristic ideas, to acquaint students about modern and latest developments in technology.

ISAAC 2012 conducted conferences on:

  • ” Empowering India through Nuclear Science and Technology”- BARC.
  • Professionals from BARC gave an insight into the applications of Nuclear Technology in Health and Industry, Molecular Biology, and careers in Atomic Energy Development

  • “Banking Solutions in Oracle Middleware Technologies” -ORACLE.
  • This conference depicts how Oracle offers the combination of intelligent software to drive your banking operations and the powerful hardware to run it. Oracle delivers a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive, pre integrated business applications-designed specifically for banks, and built with open standards.

  • “Mobile Computing” -SYUM Technologies, Official Education Partners of IBM.
  • Mobile computing is human–computer interaction by which a computer is expected to be transported during normal usage. Mobile computing involves mobile communication, mobile hardware, and mobile software.




IEEE-TSEC comes up with a philanthropic exhibition every year. Started in 2010, exhibiting and appreciating innovation, making the students aware of the technical knowhow is our main motto. Through exhibitions we try to showcase the technology to the future generation, giving a wide exposure to technology.

At exhibitions, we provided demonstrations on:

  • Blackberry phones
  • Nokia phones
  • Electronic voting machine
  • Evolution of Apple computers
  • Cell phone
  • Wi-Fi Jammers
  • Radiation Shield
  • Samsung phones
  • Intel Xolo

Some of the exhibition projects by our very own technical team Conatus included:

  • Plant Whisperer
  • Green Horn
  • AquaBots
  • Autonomous line following/obstacle avoiding robot
  • Gesture controlled robot (Using accelerometer)
  • Bluetooth controlled robot (Using android app)
  • 5DOF Robotic arm
  • LED cube
  • Dynamo Charger
  • Time – Table App(Android Application)

And many more... By exhibiting these products we strive to increment the technical knowledge and its use for a better future

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