IPv6 Forum Certified Silver Network Engineer

IPv6 Forum Certified Silver Network Engineer


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About The Event

About the workshop:

 ·  The Internet is transitioning to Internet Protocol Version 6

·  IPv6 Forum Certified training to build your skills for the new Internet age
·  IPv6 Forum Certification requirement in various Govt. Tenders
·  Significant Job Opportunities IPv6 Forum Certified Engineers



A good knowledge of general networking concepts is assumed. IPv4 is reviewed as it is compared and contrasted with IPv6, but experience on IPv6 is not critical. Knowledge on the level of Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) would be an added advantage.


Who should attend:

The course is targeted at:

  • Network administrators
  • IT administrators
  • Network/IT support Technicians


Course Contants


The Internet Protocol v6

• Introduction to IPv6

• Drivers for IPv6


• Internet Address allocations and RIR’s

• IPv6 Compliance and standardization update

• IPv6 adoption challenges and recommended approach

• Regulatory bodies initiatives

• IPv6 Transition case studies

IPv6 Address Architecture and Scheme

• Notation of IPv6 addresses

• Addressing Model

• Text Representation of Addresses

• Address Type Identification

• Unicast Addresses

• Anycast Addresses

• Multicast Addresses

• Address abbreviation

• IPv6 Subneting mechanisms

• A case study of IPv6 addressing scheme

IPv6 Packet Structure

• Comparison between IPv4 and IPv6 headers

• IPv6 Extension Headers (Next Headers)

ICMPv6 and NDP

• ICMPv6 packet format and operation

• Neighbor discovery protocol(NDP)

• Neighbor discovery procedures

• Address auto configuration – Stateless and state full


IPv6 Device Configuration

• Stateless autoconfiguration

• Statefulautzonfiguration

IPv6 Network Management

• SNMP & Ipv6

• The extended MIB for Ipv6

• SNMP Security

• IPv6 Protocol Analysers

IPv6 and DNS

• DNS overview

• Changes to DNS for IPv6

• IPv6 AAAA resource records

• PTR records and IPv6

• Reverse lookups in IPv6

• ip6.arpa. &ip6.int.

Translation Mechanisms

• Dual Stack

• Tunnelling Techniques

• MPLS Solutions

• NAT Protocol Translation

Introduction to Tunnelin

• Manual Tunnel (RFC 2893)

• IPv6 over GRE (RFC 2473)

• Tunnel broker (RFC 3053)

• 6over4 (RFC 2529 )

• 6to4 (RFC 3056)

• ISATAP (RFC 5214)

• 6rd (RFC 5969)

• Teredo ( RFC 2544

Application Changes for IPv6

• Basic Internet commands

• IPv6 ping, telnet and FTP

• Mail systems and IPv6

• IPv6 enabled web-servers

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