Book Online Tickets for IP500 Protocol Summit 2.0 (In collaborat, Mumbai. IP500 has been a benchmark standard for being wide, clear, susceptible, non-proprietary, high performing and secure protocol in the field of various building automation. IP500 provides the necessary assurance to the standard norms compared to the oth

IP500 Protocol Summit 2.0 (In collaboration with IP500 Alliance)


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About The Event

IP500 has been a benchmark standard for being wide, clear, susceptible, non-proprietary, high performing and secure protocol in the field of various building automation. IP500 provides the necessary assurance to the standard norms compared to the other existing wireless system. For proper installation and operation of the standard-compliant wireless and open solutions, IP500 is genuinely needed for the efficient automation and integration system control. IP500 – Single Chip sponsor driven wireless communication providing integration with all the building automation system. It is impeccably adapted for smooth and effortless fitting of the state-of-the-art communication networks as well as an open choice of the manufacturer to the mobile terminal devices and apps. Further on the configurability, scalability, upgradability and obvious integration of OEM products, IP 500 provides the best results. 

Indian Scenario: It has been reported that during 2013-2017 the market of India Building Automation is likely to grow at a CAGR of over 12.5% and overall Indian Automation Market to grow at a CAGR of 5.2% during 2016-2021.


Building automation and control market in India has been rising because of the overall want of the upcoming generation in electronic safety, lighting control systems as well as the government initiatives.

The HVAC systems, safety and security system donates the maximal revenue. It is highly predicted that the power of these systems in the market will be dominant in the forecast period because of the great load of installment in the government & transportation, Hospitality, Railways, Airports and others. The government has made it a mandate for safety and security concern that all the commercial buildings, offices, metros and airports must have a fire and safety equipment in their area of coverage. Smart City is one of the thrust areas. From 2016, maximum installation is being done by Building Automation Management System in the areas of commercial offices, buildings, shopping malls, residential, hotels, hospitals, airports etc.

Against this background Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has decided to hold the 2nd edition of the event “IP500 Protocol Summit 2.0” on 19 June 2019 at Hotel Novotel, Mumbai to  bring all the stakeholders related to this industry like Govt. of India, State governments, IT companies, Software companies, Research Institutes, OEMs  and International companies.

Dignitaries / speakers from the following companies have already confirmed their participation -


  • Reliance Industries Limited ( Reliance Jio)
  • IP500 Alliance - Berlin , Germany 
  • Schindler India
  • Hafeez Contractor
  • SMK Corporation- United Kingdom
  • Trilux Lighting, Ansberg, Germany 
  • Tata Realty Limited 
  • Microsens GmbH & Kg, Hamm, Germany 
  • Crompton Greaves Limited 
  • Johnson Controls India 


Updated Programme Schedule


09:00 - 09:45 Hrs


09:45 - 11:25 Hrs

                         INAUGURAL SESSION

09:45 Hrs

Lamp Lighting

09:50 Hrs

Welcome Address

Dr. Rajeev Singh

Director General, ICC

10:00 Hrs

Global Perspective for IP500

Mr. Helmut Adamski

Chairman, IP500 Protocol

10.15 Hrs

India Perspective for IP500

Mr. Vinay Agarwal

MD- Intercraft- Advisor to IP500 Board

10:25 Hrs

Guest of Honor

Mr. Rajan Luthra. Chairman’s Office – Head-Special Projects

Reliance Industries Limited

10:40 Hrs

Guest of Honor

Mr. Sanjay Dutt

Founder& CEO Tata Realty

10.55 Hrs

Guest of Honor

Hara San

Executive Vice president.

SMK Corporation. Japan

11.10 Hrs

Guest of Honor

Mr. Uday Kulkarni

President- Schindler India & South Asia


11:25 Hrs

Chief Guest

Mr.S.V.R Srinivas

Principal Secretary

Information technology. GOMH

11:40 Hrs

Media Coverage and Tea Break  


11:50 - 12:40 Hrs

Technical Session : 1

11.50 Hrs

Converged Networked Lighting as IP500 network

Mr. Frank Kornad- International Sales Director : Trilux Lighting- Germany

12:15 Hrs

“Internet of Elevators “ by Schindler Ahead – mobility redefined

Mr. Anil Tak

Lead- Schindler Ahead

Schindler India


12:40- 13.30 Hrs

Technical Session : 2




12.40 Hrs

Johnson Controls call for IP equipment manufacturers

Mr. Manu Aggarwal –

Johnson Controls

13:05 Hrs

Light Wellness @ Workspaces

Mr. R Karthik

Head Lighting Applications & advisory services- Indiabulls LED business

13:30 -14:30 Hrs

Lunch & Networking

14:30-15:30 Hrs

Technical Session : 3


IP500 Network demonstration ; Technical Support teams in India : knowledge sharing

14:30 Hrs

Pune set up; team and IP500 technology explained

Sachin Deshpande- CEO

Threemediatech- Bangalore

14:45 Hrs

Delhi Set up ; team and IP500 use cases explained

Harpreet Singh- CEO

V9 Technology-Delhi

15.00 Hrs

Bangalore Set up; team and IP500 use case for Fire & Intrusion

Haneef - CTO

Technologics – Bangalore

15:15 Hrs

High quality production and tech support by SMK; general introduction of group

Huw Waters: Deputy General Manager

SMK Corporation Europe

15:30-16:30 Hrs

Open House for Technical & Use Cases; Future of IP500 and its activities in India

Panel : Helmut, Vinay, Frank, Manu, Schindler, Huw Waters












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