Invincible Me (The Next level of The Law of attraction)

Invincible Me (The Next level of The Law of attraction)


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About The Event

Invincible Me!
Design an invincible personality, be fearless and confident, overcome any adversity, achieve any goal and live your life on purpose.

The most powerful life coaching event is here.On February 26th, Sunday, at Iris Hotel, Brigade Road, Bangalore

Do you want to:

  • be a highly confident person unaffected by personal tragedies, failures, rejections & criticisms?
  • acquire the tenacity and courage to 'jump in' to your ideas and make them happen?  master your self talk by believing in yourself more and valuing yourself highly? be in charge of your life by developing a sense of destiny and purpose?
  • be the magnet that can attract people, circumstances and resources which can contribute to your success? 
  • put the law of attraction in to work?
  • master the Goal Achieving System, a systematic way to achieve any goal or make anything happen?

If you are looking for these answers, then this transformational workshop is just for you.

Being invincible means: Incapable of being conquered, overcome, or subdued; unconquerable; insuperable.

'Invincibility' is strength of character, only the top achievers in any field possess. Invincibility can be achieved by anyone if you can practice a certain way of thinking, feeling and doing. It can be learned and developed by repetition and habit, but most of all you must know what it is and how you can develop them. 

That's why Paul Robinson (; the leading peak performance coach has developed simple, easy to use tools to aplying 'The Law of attraction' in real life. Paul Robinson is the best selling author of 'The law of attraction' and he has created more than 14 audio- video learning programs and authored several books.

When you reach the level of invincibility, you become a great risk taker; you take the plunge you are more afraid of. You become a daring person and your confidence grows day by day.     

When you develop a sense of destiny, there is no turning back and when you develop a sense of certainty, you move in the direction of fear and conquer it. When you value yourself highly, your greatness unfolds and eventually you become an unstoppable force. 
I have experienced these changes in my life and many of those who are coached and trained by me. Now I invite you to experience the pure ecstasy of unraveling your hidden potential and become ‘an invincible me’.


1. Designing your life with 'The law of attraction':Applying 'The law of attraction' in every aspect of your life- health, wealth, relationship and happiness. 

2. The invincible personality:Building great self image, self esteem and self confidence.

3. Achieving the Self ideal: Developing a sense of destiny and managing uncertainty.

Who can participate?
An entrepreneur who want to be more daring.
Any individual who seeks the purpose of his life.
Anyone who wants to be strong in character.
Anyone who wants to master the law of attraction. Never ever miss this one!!

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