A Definitive Introduction to the Internet of Things

A Definitive Introduction to the Internet of Things


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About The Event

A Definitive Introduction to the Internet of Things 

After industrial revolution (caused by the invention of Time) and information revolution (caused by the Internet), we are heading towards the next big revolution ?Smart Connected World? based on the Internet of Things (IoT) that would seamlessly integrate the physical world and cyber world to create a hyper connected world. IoT is expected to amplify the profound effects that large-scale networked communications are having on our society, gradually resulting in a genuine paradigm shift. 

IoT is going to solve three fundamental problems:
1. Government - Better governance to provide better civil service
2. Agriculture & Industrial ? improving the efficiency, quality and productivity
3. Individuals ? safer and better life

IoT is orthogonal to everything, and everybody should understand this. As part of this, I will be providing a tutorial on the Internet . This tutorial provides a basic introduction to the Internet of Things for all stakeholders in the tech industry, all verticals and for all levels of practitioners. The tutorial covers the need for the things to be connected over the Internet and how the Internet is evolving to accommodate the connectivity for billions to trillions of devices and objects. The definition and characteristics of the things will be discussed. A basic introduction to the wireless access and networking technologies for realizing the IoT networks will be given. In addition, a few fundamental designing principles for building the things and IoT networks will be discussed.

After completing this tutorial, the attendees should be able to: understand the buzzword "the Internet of Things," recognize the value of IoT and the benefits this technology innovation brings to society, understand how the Internet can accommodate connectivity to every possible object on the planet Earth, use right access technology for a given deployment scenario, and apply basic principles for robust IoT system design and applications. 

About the Speaker
Syam Madanapalli is an Internet and IoT engineer, IEEE senior member, built products, filed for 22 patents, written 7 RFCs for the Internet, received several awards, speaker, co-authored a book (Convergence through All IP Networks) and founded a company. 

Mr. Madanapalli has a bachelor?s degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from NIT, Warangal. 

Syam's additional roles include: 
Technology Board Members of IPv6 Forum, India 
A member of IEEE Bangalore chapter Executive Committee 
A member of IEEE - SA Standards Interest Group, India 
Member of IEEE IoT Special Interest Group for IoT deployments 

Syam can be contacted at 
LinkedIn - https://in.linkedin.com/in/madanapalli? 
SlideShare - http://www.slideshare.net/smadanapalli? 
Twitter - @smpalli - twitter.com/smpalli 
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/madanapalli?

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