‘Introduction to NLP’ Training Program

‘Introduction to NLP’ Training Program


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About The Event

Introduction to NLP is 2-day journey to explore what NLP is (Read about NLP here) and in what ways can NLP help you achieve your goals/outcomes in life. You will also experience the essence of NLP in its true form and learn the powerful principles behind NLP.


NLP is useful to whom?

Widely accepted as one of the most powerful tool that can be highly effective in the area of communication, influence and changes in behaviour – NLP, in today’s world, is used in almost all the different fields of work.

NLP is useful to Teachers, Trainers, Coaches, Counsellors, Business Executives, CEO’s, Sales Executives, Entrepreneurs, Marketing executives, House workers, Software Professionals


How will NLP be useful to you?

Today, NLP can be used...

  • At your workplace – It will help you create strong relationships and build rapport instantly with people you are working with and help you produce massive results.
  • It will also help you understand yourself and others better so that you can bring out strong performance from yourself and everyone working with you.
  • In Coaching and Counselling - By using different tools and techniques, NLP can create lasting change in self and others that can be very fast and effective.
  • At Training – Learn to communicate to unconscious mind so that learning stays for a longer time and is much more effective.
  • For Teaching – You will be able to learn to teach in a way that can help each student grasp and understand everything faster and for longer period of time.
  • In Relationships – Learn how to build and commit to long term relationships that are fulfilling and successful
  • Sales, Marketing, Branding – Learn how to communicate effectively at the unconscious level to influence your customers.
  • Most of all, NLP is useful for YOURSELF – NLP will help you take control of your life and you will have choice to achieve results you desire, choose emotions you want to feel, build strong relationships with everyone around you and create the life you want to create.
  • So, NLP is useful at any place where humans are present – Including when you are alone!!!


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