Intro to Reconnect with Yourself

Intro to Reconnect with Yourself


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About The Event

 Intro to RECONNECT WITH YOURSELF a self - discovery workshop 

 intention: to invite all of yourself into your life so you can take charge and live it your way

 what to expect: nothing at all because expectations might distract you. 
we will be hanging out together, watching videos, listening to cool gyan, shifting your worldview, learning about yourself, finding different perspectives, engaging with people, discussing practical ideas 

 who is this intro designed for anyone just any person above 18 years of age who feel drawn to exploring the possibility for themselves 

 why would you enroll :
1. you sense that you need it 
2. you find the invite interesting 
3. you have been waiting for it 
4. you are a seeker of truth 
5. you find yourself missing 
6. you are a curious cat 
7. you feel very drawn to it 
8. you think its an idea worth exploring 
9. you don't know why but you have to just do it 

 who will be conducting it: Saeed Ali is a perceptive trailblazer always looking for ways to live in an interesting life. He is mostly interested in himself and why not for it is useful. He is curious about people and his learning comes from observing their behavior and choices. For the same reason, he loves to travel, conversations and jumping into conflicts between strangers and being useful that way. He has been taking up courses and workshops for himself to deepen his flair for reaching out to people. He has put together his insights and learnings to fit into a package ready to be delivered to you. 

 when and where is it : 11th March from 10 a.m to 1 p.m. @ Vision Rainbow, Red Hills

So, do yourself a favor and engage us in something that we deeply desire to do... change the world view for the ones who are ready to see things differently. For your own sake and for everyone who misses having more of you... plunge in. 

See you around!!!
Much lo<3e

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