Book Online Tickets for Intro to Film Making, NewDelhi. Everyone loves a good film. This course is designed to help you understand what goes into constructing a good story for the screen, and how to go about executing it properly.COURSE STRUCTUREDay 1 OUTLINE-------------------------PRE-PRODUCTION:Film Ap

Intro to Film Making


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About The Event

Everyone loves a good film. This course is designed to help you understand what goes into constructing a good story for the screen, and how to go about executing it properly.




Film Appreciation - What could be a better ice-breaker than talking a little bit about films - a little bit about the history, a little bit about the types, and a little bit about everything else!

Screenwriting - This is where a film begins, and so shall we. We try to understand the difference between a story and a script, and how the latter can take the former to great heights!


Direction & Acting - We learn about the different departments involved in making of a film, with particular focus on Direction and Acting, and the skills involved.
Camera Techniques - Our first hands-on session where get to see what the camera sees, and what it can show to the viewer! We’ll cover some of the basic tools and technologies involved.

Sound Recording - The era of the silent film is over, and for a reason! The audio aspect is today just as important, if not more, than the video - we’ll learn some basic tools to record effective sound.



Idea Development - The participants come back on Day 2 with ideas for a short film, and we pick a few of these to develop further. We learn the concept of a shot list, and how it can aid a shoot.

Short Film Shoot - Going into the “field”, we shoot a short film or two (depending on the class size), so that everybody gets to be a part of the practical experience.


Video Editing - They say that a film is actually made on the editing table - we’ll try and discover the truth in the statement by learning about editing techniques, and will try to edit our own short film.

Audio Editing - Just as capturing audio is important, so is editing it! We’ll try to further edit our film by fixing some audio issues and enhancing the overall quality by adding music to the film.

Wrapping it Up! - We’ll wrap up the workshop by learning how to properly credit and export your film, and we’ll look at some avenues to show your proud piece of work to the rest of the world.


Workshop participants get to learn the basics of how a film is made, and together get to make a Short Film with real actors! They may get a chance to work on future film projects of Phaltu Phillums.


Anyone who loves watching movies, and has always wondered what all work goes on behind-the-scenes in making a movie! Since this is an Intro level course, it is best suited Beginner to Intermediate level attendees.


Just an open mind and your desire to explore and learn! And carrying along a pen and a notepad wouldn't hurt either ;-)



Prashant Sehgal is an award winning Independent Filmmaker based in Delhi. After working on 10 Feature Films and almost 70 Short Films, Ads & Documentaries, last year he shot the International Feature Film "Hola Venky!" as the Cinematographer. He then made the Feature Film "Diary Of an Overly Reactive Middle Aged Teenager" as the Director, Cinematographer & Editor. He just finished shooting a Feature Film "11 Days", and is soon shooting another one titled "Railway Raju". He is also working on his next Feature Film project under his own banner of "Phaltu Phillums".

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