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Training on Information Security and Hacking


  • Training on Information Security and Hacking

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About The Event

                                             Training on Information Security and Hacking
                                                          Course Starts from 15-6-2013

The Program covers all aspects for Information Security and Hacking, enabling one to become an Information Security Expert.Our training courses are mainly focused for Information Security enthusiasts providing concept oriented and hands-on practice with real time scenarios which includes latest updates in InfoSec.


  •  Internship offer for trainee students
  •  Learn from Experts
  •  Virtual Labs
  •  Hands on Demos

Course Outline

Introduction to Hacking


            History of Hacking

            Necessity of Hacking

            Hacking as a Career


Algorithmic Approach

            Methodology of hacking

            Phases of hacking







            Introduction to Reconnaissance

            Reconnaissance and Foot printing

            Open source intelligence gathering

            Automating Reconnaissance using scripts



            Introduction to Scanning

            Applying Reconnaissance in Scanning phase

            Port scanners, network mappers, sweepers, and vulnerability scanners

            Applying Scanning phase on Different platforms


            Introduction to Exploits and Payloads

            Types of Exploits

            Exploits and Exploitation

            Evading Antiviruses, IDS and IPS Systems

            Exploiting fully patched Operating systems

            Packing and Encoding

            Backdooring executable



            Persistence backdoors

            Maintain persistence on target machine

            Connect back backdoors


            Extending attack


            Running Scripts for profit and fun on target machine

            Clearing Tracks on victims machine

            Automating Clearing Tracks using scripts

Metasploit Framework

            Introduction to Metasploit Framework

            Basic Exploitation

            Exploiting Windows

            Exploiting Linux


            Auxiliary Modules


            Meterpreter Scripting


            Adding DLL's and Functions on Fly


            Introduction to Trojans-Bots-Malwares-Viruses

            Writing Custom Malware and Trojans


            Making Persistence Backdoors

            Installing Backdoors on Target machines

            Firewall and Anti-virus Evasion          

Wireless Hacking

            Introduction to WLAN Hacking

            Buzz Words    

            Encryption Types

            Basics of WLAN Hacking

            From Dummy to virtuoso in Wireless Hacking


Web Application Hacking

            Introduction to Web Application Hacking

            OWASP TOP 10

            Database hacking

            Server Hacking

            Client and Server side Hacks

Reverse Engineering

            Introduction to Reverse Engineering

            Compilation Process

            Process of Reverse Engineering

            Uses of Reverse Engineering

            Tools for Trade

            Introduction to Intel x86

            Data Register Layout


            Working on Mnemonics

            Structure Alignment and Structure storage

            Function Calls

            Binary Disassembly Basics

            Reversing Binaries

            Writing Keygens

            Analyze malwares

Buffer Overflow

            Introduction to Buffer Overflow

            Buffer Overflow in Linux and Windows

            Stack smashing

            Writing and executing sample shell code snippets

            Memory management

            How to smash

            Canary Guards


            Static analysis

            Safe libraries

            Memory address randomization

            Exploiting program

            Performing Sample Penetration Test on the Target Machine

Exploit Writing

            Introduction to Exploit Writing

            Writing Shell code for windows and Linux

            Buffer Overflow exploitation

            Heap Overflows

            Browser exploitation

            Bypassing DEP ASLR

            Format String Attacks

            Kernel exploitation

            Advanced Exploitation


Scripting and Coding

            Introduction to scripting Languages

            Coding Snippets

            Coding Scripts for job automation during Pentest

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