Internet Of Things  IOT  Workshop on Home Automation with Google Assistance

Internet Of Things IOT Workshop on Home Automation with Google Assistance


  • IOT Home Automation

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About The Event

 DIGITLABZ IOT Workshop on Smart Home Automation & Security system is a one of a kind Hands-on Project based learning workshop on building IOT based smart home automation devices. The workshop involves designing & interfacing IOT Hardware with sensors & i/o devices and using internet and cloud service to control , monitor and build smart systems. The Workshop starts with absolute basics of hardware & Sensors to building Internet controlled smart devices and systems. On completion of the program Candidates will be able to design & Build their own smart IOT & home automation based products and many more projects of their own based on IOT.



Things you can Build After the workshop:  

1. Build IOT hardware & wire it to Control existing Home Devices & Lightings  

2. Completely Automate your Home & Office with Smart IOT Devices.  

3. Control Home Appliances & Security from anywhere in the world  

4. Build Web Dashboard to Control & Monitor Home Appliances & Sensors.




IOT : Introduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems

  • Introductions & Concepts of IOT
  • Basics of Embedded systems Hardware
  • Details about IOT Hardware Platform
  • Setup & Configure Hardware / software for IOT
  • IOT for Home Automation & other Applications

Sensing & Actuation : interfacing Sensors & i/o devices.  

  •  Interface Temperature Sensor
  •  Interface Gas/Smoke Sensor
  •  Interfacing Motion Sensor
  •  Interfacing Light Sensor
  •  Interface RGB LED
  •  Interface LCD Display
  •  And many more...


Appliances & Device Control : Interface External Home Appliances  

  • Interfacing Relays/External drivers with IOT Board
  • Turn ON / OFF Home Appliances using Relay & IOT Board
  • Use Web & Mobile to Monitor & Control devices from anywhere in the world

Wi-Fi & Internet Access for IOT : Control & Monitor Devices from internet 

  • Details about Wi-Fi Modules & Wi-Fi Connection Setup
  • Connecting IOT board to Wi-Fi Network
  • Accessing Internet on IOT Board


IOT Cloud & Networking : store & retrieve data from cloud 

  • Introduction & Understanding Cloud Services for IOT
  • Setting up cloud  to work with IOT hardware
  • Sending sensor data to cloud from IOT Hardware
  • Receiving stored data from cloud from to IOT Hardware
  • Access sensor data on phone & computer

Google Assistance & Voice Recognition: Control Devices by Voice 

  • Setup Google voice recognition on your phone to work with IOT Hardware
  • Program IOT hardware to receive commands from Google Assistance from your phone/Laptop
  • Control any device just by using your voice 
  • Practice to add Google Assistance & Voice Recognition to any Project


Communication Alert : Send SMS & E-mail from device 

  • Configure Gmail to work with IOT hardware & Cloud
  • Send E-mail Alerts for sensor triggers at your Home
  • Additionally Send SMS alerts from IOT device

IOT Dashboard & UI Development : create web dashboard to control IOT 

  • Basics of Website development
  • Create web page using HTML
  • Add Buttons , Images , Text etc to webpage
  • Configure Buttons to control IOT Hardware
  • Create Dashboard to Control Devices & Electronic Appliances
  • Build User interface on web page to display Sensor information from IOT Hardware


Take Away Kit content

  • IOT MCU Board
  • WiFi Module
  • LCD Display
  • Temp Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Gas sensor
  • Relay socket box [to connect 220v devices]
  • connecting wires
  • Cloud storage License
  • Software & Documents 

Take away kit will be provided to all candidates attending the program


Things to get for IOT Class: 

  1. 2 SIM Card with Internet Access [ 1st SIM(non-jio) for IOT Device 2nd Sim (Any) for Phone ]
  2. Phone with WiFi Hotspot Capablity [Any android/ios phone]
  3. Micro USB Cable [Regular Phone charging cable]
  4. Light Bulb [220v]
  5. Power Bank [optional]
  6. PenDrive [optional]



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