International Conference On Information Systems And Software Engineering

International Conference On Information Systems And Software Engineering


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The First International Conference on Information Systems and Software Engineering - ICISSE 2009 will focus on a number of topics, such as: Data Warehousing and Data Mining - Models and Algorithms in Data Mining, Video and Multimedia Data Mining, Parallel and Distributed Data Mining Algorithms, Innovative Data Mining Applications, Security and Information Hiding, Pre processing and Visualization, Robust Scalable Statistical Methods; Internet Technology - Metadata and Meta Modeling, XML and Data Management, Knowledge Management, Web Security and Privacy, Cyber Threats, Web Services and Web Engineering; e Business - B2B, B2C and C2C, e-Business System Design and Development, e-Payment, Portal Strategies; Software Engineering - Aspect and Objected-orientation Techniques, Component-based Development, Model driven Software Engineering, Embedded and Real-time Software, Requirements Engineering; Software Quality and Metrics - Software Performance Engineering, Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Tools, Process Improvement, Risk Management, Quality Planning, etc.

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