International off-road motorsport event, RFC India 2014 to rain supreme in Goa from 8th to 14th August, 2014

International off-road motorsport event, RFC India 2014 to rain supreme in Goa from 8th to 14th August, 2014


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About The Event

Off-road enthusiasts and 4x4 vehicle owners, gear up for the most exciting and toughest motorsport event ever witnessed in India. The Rainforest Challenge (RFC), which is among the top ten toughest and the most internationally represented motor races in the world, has launched its India edition. Introduced in India by Cougar Motorsport Pvt. Ltd., the first edition of RFC India will take place in Goa during the peak monsoon season from August 8-14. The event will witness the teams spend six days fighting the rain, manoeuvring through the changing paths and flooded rivers. The participants will have to traverse close to 250 kms from South to North Goa competing in Special Stages set in natural terrain.



The 2014 edition of RFC India is open to anyone with a road registered 4-wheel drive or an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Participants can take part in this event as Competitors or Touring Adventurers. One vehicle can have a team of two. There are 50 slots for participants, of which 40 will be reserved for Indian entries and the rest for foreign entries.


The Challenge

The six day challenge is divided into four sections – the Prologue, the Predator, the Terminator and the Twilight Zone. There will be 30 Special Stages (SS) divided between the four sections. The Prologue will be where spectators can experience all the charged off-road action. The Predator and Terminator sections will involve camping on the jungle fringes. The Twilight Zone is an expedition drive through natural terrain. Contestants will also have to complete an SS task in this section.


Crossing the Finish Line

The team with the best overall time and least penalties wins. This team will get an automatic and free entry in the RFC mother event to be held in Malaysia. In addition, ‘Team Spirit Award’, ‘Jungleman Award’ ‘Environment Award’, ‘Most Unique 4x4’ and ‘Ladies Team’ awards will be given.


Participation Fee

The entry fee for Competitors and Touring Vehicles is INR 75,000 and INR 10,000 respectively. Foreign entries will be charged at USD 2,500 and USD 333 respectively.


The participation forms, event schedule, rules and regulations and all other details of the event are available at

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