Advanced Product Management Certification Workshop-Internal event

Advanced Product Management Certification Workshop-Internal event


About The Event

3-day comprehensive workshop focused on building and developing foundational skills in the functional areas of Product Management and Product Marketing. It also prepares professionals for the Certified Product Manager (CPM) for the first time in India, a globally recognized Product Management certification offered by AIPMM (, USA

Adaptive Advanced Product Management & Marketing workshop is designed for senior product professionals who want to accelerate their career path as a product manager and understand the process of "productizing" - systematic way of taking an idea and converting into a commercially viable product.

Ideal for

Product Managers, Project Managers, Program Managers, Business Analysts, PreSales Consultants, Startup CEOs, Strategic Marketing Managers, Architects. Minimum 3 years of experience in a product company necessary to get the most value out of the hands exercises and case study discussion.

Program Faculty

 All our faculty are Executive Product Managers and Marketing Managers who have and continue toconceive, build, launch & market successful products inglobal companies like McAfee, Cisco, IBM both in USand India. Focus is not on theory but the fundamental ways to apply best practices to different stages of the product life cycle.

Workshop Scope Coverage

1. Orientation and Interlock 
*  A framework to understand the mechanics on how tomanage product life cycle and create new products
* Introduction to Product Management Role,Responsibilities and interlock 
Process, Organization,Challenges of working from India

2. Market Research & Validation

* Minimally Viable Product
* Market Research Models - Discovery & Validation
* Techniques - Survey, Win/Loss, Competitive Analysis 

3. Product Design and Usability

Product design - wireframes,mockups, working prototypes

4. Product Planning 

Product Requirements &Roadmapping
Agile, Waterfall, Startup, Sunset products

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