Your Spiritual Revolution - Integral Mind Power - Free Workshop

Your Spiritual Revolution - Integral Mind Power - Free Workshop


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About The Event

Integral Mind Power

INTEGRAL MIND POWER - Oneness Revolution

 A Revolutionary Workshop To Awaken The Infinite One Within!

INTEGRAL MIND POWER  (IMP) Workshop is a revolutionary workshop designed to help you attain a miraculous successful integral life by integrating your logical mind and intuitive awareness; your conscious mind (will) and sub-conscious mind (power); and your mind (software), body (hardware) and soul (OS)!

One of the prime objective of IMP workshop is your Oneness with The Infinite One within and thereby activating your dormant psychic potential using scientifically designed, step-by-step, multi-dimensionalIntegral Mind Power Practice based upon time tasted ancient wisdom and latest science and technology.

This workshop will act as a catalyst for your speedy integral evolution (IQ+EQ+SQ+PQ) and equip you with the tools, truths, technology and teaching to play and master the game of life well! Guidance of Right Path and techniques can save precious time equal to several lifetimes! Without knowing the rules, learning and practicing the techniques well, can we win a game?

The Theory – The Rules of The Game:

Interesting and entertaining multimedia presentations explaining the science and higher logic behind Oneness at The Core and Uniqueness at Periphery. What is purpose of life? What is sin and virtue? What is law of Karma? What is destiny? Is science superior to faith? Body or mind? Get answers to unresolved questions of life to be free from all limiting beliefs and concepts and get wings to fly towards infinity.

The Practice – Intensive Practical Exercises to Master The Play :

• Sensing Pranashakty

• Learn to see Aura with your eyes

• Integral Mind Power Practice

• Intuitive Awareness

• Channeling Divine Messages

• Embracing Infinity & Immortality

• Remote Viewing / Sensing

Workshop will be conducted by Amitt Parikh, a modern mystic, a prolific writer, an intuitive life coach and the author of ‘Conversations with The Mysterious One’ series.

Duration: 9am to 5pm (Workshop begins at sharp 9:00am)

Fees: Rs.1500/ Free! (Limited seats)

Note: You can buy food/tea from the caterer at the venue or you can arrange on your own. Water will be provided free of cost.

Please note that seats are limited and only registered participants will be allowed entry.

Contact: Amitt Parikh



Mobile: 09724844055

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