Book Online Tickets for Instructor led live training on iOS Apps, . Apple has introduced Swift language in WWDC this year. Swift has various advantages over objective C and also has better performance with Apple hardware. Swift will be next Apple programming language and will evolve over the years.  It is great oppor

Instructor led live training on iOS Apps developer using Swift


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About The Event

Apple has introduced Swift language in WWDC this year. Swift has various advantages over objective C and also has better performance with Apple hardware. Swift will be next Apple programming language and will evolve over the years.

It is great opportunity to learn the language when it is first live giving us the great cutting edge over the other programmers. We will learn Apple concepts using Swift. We will learn every minor details which Swift comes with and comparing with Objective C, C++ and JAVA.

Various frameworks using SWIFT.

Who Should Attend

  • Beginners, Junior Software Developers, Senior Software Developers, Team Leads and Managers
  • Hobbian who wants to bring their ideas into potential Apps


  • 30 Hours
  • Each day 2.5 hours of session weekends only


What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding SWIFT Language in terms syntax and Symantics
  • How variables and constants are define and managed in memory
  • SWIFT syntax, Disclosure, Methods new data types in Swift
  • Properties and Protocols in Swift
  • OOPs concepts in Swift
  • Nesting Types in Swift
  • Functions and Closures in Swift
  • Create simple application using SWIFT
  • Create apps with sophisticate UI designs
  • Understanding standard Human Interface guidelines
  • Create apps with MVC iOS environment
  • Creates apps which interacts with various UI components
  • Create an App with Multi Controller environment
  • Deploy the App on the iOS devices and over the App Store
  • Understand how to make App compatible with multi iOS devices
  • Understanding the Apps Ecosystem and how to make money
  • Create the Apps with Multitouch and Motion Sensor hardware capabilities.
  • Create apps including Web services
  • Create apps including the persistent storage
  • Create client-server mobile app
  • Understand the architecture for Web services oriented apps and persistent storage oriented apps


  • Basic knowledge of OOPs programming

Course Outline

Variables and Constant in SWIFT

  • Understand variable declaration
  • Understanding syntax for variable declaration
  • Type defining the variable
  • Understanding constant declaration
  • Syntax for declaring the constant
  • Understanding Type Annotation
  • Type Alias and it’s important
  • Tuples and it’s befinits
  • How values are interpreted in print statement
  • Understanding Optional Variables concepts
  • Understanding Implicit Optional UnWrapping concepts


Operators and Collection Type in Swift

  • Understand changes in some of the operators
  • Understanding Array and Dictionary in Swift

Control Flow and Loops in Swift

  • Understand If, If Else If and Switch statements in Swift
  • Understanding various looping options in Swift

Functions or Methods, Closure and Subscripts in Swift

  • Understanding Method declaration and parameters
  • Understanding Functions as Type
  • Talk about Functions as parameters
  • Talk functions as returned type
  • Nesting of function definition. Implementing functions with in the functions
  • Talk about Closure concepts
  • Talk about Subscripts

Classes and OOPs concepts in SWIFT

  • How Class is declared in SWIFT
  • Class file structure in SWIFT
  • How Factory design patterns works in SWIFT
  • Talk about Initializer and deinitializer

Properties and Protocols in SWIFT

  • Talk about properties
  • Talk about properties in SWIFT
  • How properties play vital role in memory management
  • Talk about Initializer and deinitializer
  • Talk about Protocols in Swift

Automatic Reference Counting in SWIFT

  • ARC concepts in SWIFT
  • Strong Reference between instance of Classes
  • Talk about references and Closure
  • Talk about open chaining

Type Casting in SWIFT

  • Talk about ANY
  • Talk about ANYObject
  • Talk about Nested Type
  • Talk about Generic Types and Functions

Application setup in SWIFT

  • Talk about the various classes created on Project creation
  • Understand AppDelegate class


  • Talk about UIView Hierarchy
  • Talk about various UI components
  • Play with some of the UI elements

Application architect of iOS Application

  • Talk about Single View Application
  • Talk about Multi Controller Applications
  • Type of multicontroller applications
  • Implement some project with various Application Architech

Responder Chain Pattern

  • Touch Events
  • Get to implement the touches began, moved, ended messages
  • Get the basic label hiding effect with touches began
  • Understand pattern of registering the view with the touch
  • Drafting of 4 golden rules to register view on touch
  • Demonstrate each rule

Multi Controller Environment using UITabBarController and UINavigationController

  • Talk about the multi controller environment
  • Talk about base architecture of the multi controller environment
  • Talk about the relationship between the window and root controller for the multi controller environment.
  • Talk about Tab Bar controller
  • Talk about view controllers & root view controllers
  • Walk through creation of tab bars
  • Discuss about icons creations and Apple’s clauses on Tab bar icons
  • Talk about how to create various classes in Xcode.
  • Discuss about the default constructor
  • Creating multi controller project in iOS MVC architecture
  • Talk about Navigation
  • Ask to implement navigation
  • Talk about various Navigation controllers in iOS


  • Talk about Table creation
  • Talk about the multiple row/single column concept
  • Talk about various protocols used by Table in iOS
  • Discuss about required & optional methods
  • How to confirm the protocols in App
  • Talk about the Table optimization
  • Create first table and play with various table features
  • Talk about customizing tables
  • Customizing the header/footer with text
  • Customizing Header/Footer with Images
  • Talk about the protocols required
  • Talk about the height or the row & cell
  • Talk about creation of custom cells

Making App Compatible from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 and iPad to iPad mini and iPad Air

  • Making App compatible with all the iOS devices
  • Understanding the development cycle time for all devices
  • Understanding Apple strategy about announcing the new devices
  • Understanding how to make existing App immediately compatible with the New device release
  • How you can still make money from App which were made 3-4 years back
  • How Apple ecosystem is strongest of all.

Deployment and Distribution

  • Start off on deployment
  • Talk about the $99 program & the free program. Especially the differences between the 2
  • Talk about Certificate creation, renewal
  • Talk about KeychainAccess and process for creating certificate request
  • Talk about registering devices on the provisioning portal
  • Talk about fetching the UDID
  • Talk about the app id creation
  • Unique id for each app
  • Format for bundle ids
  • Talk about provision profile creation
  • Talk about binding developer, appid, devices
  • Talk about importing the provisioning profile
  • Talk about setting the project target settings
  • Talk about project settings
  • Deploy the app/game that has been developed.
  • Start off on distribution
  • Learn how to make .ipa file of the app.
  • Learn ad Hoc app distribution
  • Learn about iTunes Connect
  • Talk about how to register app on the iTunes connect and other legal things for app distribution
  • Registering the app on iTunes Connect

StoryBoard (Overview)

  • What is Story Board
  • Why it was introduce
  • When and where to use Storyboard.
  • Walk through the story board
  • Integrating story board in the app

Hardware Capabilities

  • Multi Touch
  • Talk about the Multi Touch environment
  • Understand Fast Enumeration concept
  • Build and test the App
  • Accelerometer
  • Talk about the Accelerometer
  • Talk about the Motion Sensor
  • Build and test the App

WebServices using SOAP and REST

  • Understand client server architecture
  • Understand the Web services
  • Start with the SOAP webservice
  • Talk about how to integrate MVC architecture in client-server environment
  • Talk about XML
  • Talk about where XML is used.
  • The working of client-server architecture
  • XML: Solution for client server architecture
  • Talk about 5 golden points for creating robust MVC for client-server architecture
  • The importance of 5 golden points across the entire platform.
  • Talk about how to utilize same architecture across other platform
  • Start of on the implementation of XML parsers
  • Talk about the parsing process
  • Talk about pure model components
  • Talk about the protocols required & creating the protocol
  • Walk through the flow of the code implemented
  • Finally giving full MVC flow of client server environment.
  • Difference between DOM and SAX parser
  • Integrating the REST web services in the client-server architecture
  • Talk about the JSON


Persistence using SQLIte

  • Talk about creation of persistent storage
  • Talk about SQLite
  • Talk about writing SQLite queries in objective-c & the protocols required
  • Walk through the creation of a simple database
  • Start of with the implementation of the code
  • Talk about the sql_stmt object
  • Talk about the functions required by the SQLite handler class
  • Talk about single ton class concept
  • Talk about why single ton class is required
  • Talk about security
  • Create front end
  • Talk about all the integration of front end with the handler
  • Creation of text fields & buttons
  • Talk about fast enumeration
  • Talk about UIAlertView
  • Making the To-DO List type App

Persistence using Plist

  • Talk about creation of persistent storage using plists
  • Talk about key value concept of dictionaries as compared to arrays
  • Talk about how plists store key value pairs

Persistence using CoreData Framework

  • Core Data frame work
  • Talk about the core data frame work
  • Discuss about the pros & cons of core data
  • Talk about when to use core data frame work
  • Walk through on creating core data
  • Integrating core data into the app

Overview of playground

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