Inquivesta 2013

Inquivesta 2013


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About The Event

Inquivesta is our own rendition of ‘science meets fun’ with a focus  on events that will enable the participants to whiz through mind baffling challenges and allow them to carve out a niche for themselves. It is what we claim to be our creative extravaganza as we would give the participants a chance to redefine the various  Qs and As of science.

Our events range from the analytical CSI to testing your eye for detail at Trust,our water rocketry  challenge ,the exciting exploratory wild hunt, Lost or the highly animating, Junkyard Wars. We will have our participants racking their heads over Ithink or taking a ravishing dab at imagination with Art in a culture. Events like Codathon, our in-house programming challenge and Rubix  will only spice up the proceedings. We bet we would have the crowd screaming for more as we would bring in Headshot, the epic Counter- Strike battle and watch modelled robots battling it out on the race track at Bot-prix. Biomimetics and Exzib will check the participants for new ideas and give them an audience to share these thoughts with. We also have a bunch of exciting online events planned out with Cryptek, Ball Park and Photon, our photography contest.

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